Friday, April 2, 2010

Rock. Star.

Quick update before I run out the door to the weekend (with my freshly arrived cold... stupid sick boyfriend..).

Hit the barn yesterday before all the evening lessons started so that I would have the ring to myself for some more pole work.  The wind was blowing all OVER the place, so the horses were spunky and Miss P was no exception, so I wasn't sure how she was going to ride... but she was fantastic.  Warmed up long and low, big loose walk on the buckle.  I think this will be our new thing for at least 10 min. It totally seems to get her off to the right start, and seems to translate into her trot work nicely. 

We trotted both ways.  She was forward and responsive and didn't balk at ALL to my very present leg contact which was great.  Then we added in our single poles, then spaced poles, then 4 in a row again and she was a stud.  about 20min round and round both ways, then a big walk break. 

Since she's been a twit about going back to work after breaks, I threw in lots of walk/trot/halt/trot/walk/trot transitions.  We only fought the first couple times before she was pushing off into her transitions and completely left the hunchyback/sucked in trot behind.  (LOVE IT!)

We finished with a touch of canter both ways, with a little pole work after to bring her back and make her refocus/balance. 

We worked for about 40 min total, and only one small buck in the canter! what a rock star!

Of course, when the kiddies flooded the ring just as we were finishing one of them was throwing crops around so P did a nice little side step/spook, but that was it.

I was proud.  Plus one of the mom's who has "concerns" about Pia and the safety of others riding at the same time as me was watching her daughter get ready for her lesson.  I couldn't help the smug "that's right, my horse is pretty, and cute, and a ROCK STAR" look as I walked by.

In reality I just said "hi" but I'm sure she got the full meaning.

Anyway, today is absolutely DISMAL outside, so I'm giving Pia the day off while I stuff myself full of airborne and sudafed. My plan is to be "all better" by tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe if I'm feeling wealthy I'll swing by the tack store to eyeball saddles... we'll see.  S has been generous in letting us ride in her close contact, but a) my ass is having a very hard time with the (very sturdy) seat of a 1970 Hermes. and b) I don't want to be responsible for ruining a collector's item :)
plus, c) P should have a saddle that is her very own. right?

I've decided to part with my Ainsley Pro National to offset the cost.  Something tells me that its going to be a very long time before I need its ridiculously forward seat and thigh blocks.  :) something a little more neutral might be in store for us. 

Happy Weekend!

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