Monday, October 18, 2010

Worlds Away...

I think I'm back in the real world now, but I'm not certain.  

Yes, I actually worked... No, I didn't golf (though there was some late night driving action with some glow in the dark balls on the 15th hole..)  Yes, I sat under the misters by the pool and ate more avocados and tomatoes than I could handle.... and No, I didn't ever want to leave...

I haven't gotten a full report from the BO as to how Miss Mare was this weekend yet.  I ended up not riding Thursday, as P looked really stiff and a little stabby with her left hind.  She started to warm up out of it on the lunge, which made me think that she maybe tweaked something during her rodeo display on Wednesday.. But who knows.  Then the mare stopped, peed and squealed. 

Then it all started making sense.  Girthier than usual, extra grumpy in the cross ties, tight muscles..  Uh yeah.  I think she's in season. 

We just didn't feel like picking a fight.  So I let me mare trot it out for a few more minutes, then gave her a nice long rub down and put her away.  She got worked Saturday I think, but should have had yesterday off while the BO and most of our boarders had a fun field trip down to Portland for a horsey shopping adventure... (I'm crossing my fingers that a 2 year old (or two..) makes its way to the barn..)

In other news, I've been organizing all my Pia files and coming up with an expense book to better track horse spending and keep medical history all in one spot.  It feels productive since getting a good budget is part of my October goals, but laying all my vet bills out from the last 8 months is a little depressing.... tear.

Hopefully the mare is done with her squealing and peeing everywhere, as a week of uneventful rides sounds absolutely lovely.

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  1. Ha, ha. Denali has the same problem with her hind end right now. Super sore AND in heat. Fun mare times!!


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