Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, sorry for the extended absence.  The mare got herself a nice Rolf session last Friday ( so much for cutting back on bodywork...) and I got myself some serious house guests, so neither of us made much progress with our riding over the last few days.
I got some great feedback from the gal who does the Rolf work, and think that maybe (just maybe) we have some physical things that (god willing) we'll see some improvement on.  Best of all, she told me I'm NOT crazy, and that Pia's weird hoof wearing on the right hind has to do with her leg being a little rotated (held there by angry muscles and fascia, both of which can be asked politely to let go..).

So, as much as it sucks to get an email with a veritable laundry list of concerns from a professional, I was almost relieved to see her bring up a few new ideas/issues that she thought of while working on Miss P last week.  Long story short? Bills Bills Bills

(can you pay my bills
can you pay my telephone bills
can you pay my automo/
if you did then maybe we could chill)

I'll delve into the specifics later, as today is about VALENTINE's.  While there have been years of thoughtful handmade cards (and treats for the ponies), this year I am unprepared aside from a total willingness to declare my love for all things in my life (aside from the hint of a cold, which might just be a lingering hangover from the obscene amount of champagne that has been consumed over the last 72 hours...)

This year I am thankful for a mare who is challenging me, entertaining me, giving me lots of things to think about while in meetings/traffic/the shower and would rather not focus on the task at hand...

Pia's adorable, sassy, and at least today, I am very certain that I will continue to enjoy and learn from the process of paying all her bills, bills, bills.

Also, thank you Glee, for firmly implanting that little gem of a song from Destiny's Child and about 10 years ago....

Be Mine.



  1. Happy Valentines Day! Would you really love her so much if she wasn't the challenge she is? She just wouldn't be the same horse without that extra dose of... tenacity;)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope the things the ROLF woman found help resolve some of the issues. Let us know what you find out and resolve.

  3. Hope ur day was wonderful! And that things keep improving!


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