Friday, April 29, 2011


Ok.  Officially annoyed.  Whatever "scratch" in my throat I've had all week has erupted into a full blown total obnoxious viral thing.  I still feel fine - but if I try to elevate my heart rate whatsoever (take the stairs, chase a pony, fold laundry...) I start coughing and hacking like I might potentially expel some critical part of my lung.

Yesterday, I even justified a day away from the barn on the couch strictly avoiding any heart rate elevation aside from eating cookies and drinking tea, under the premise that I would obviously recover and be ready to ride today (which aside from being the ROYAL WEDDING, is also actually sunny).

My attempt at proactive care has totally failed and now I have a mare who barely got ridden on Tuesday, had Wednesday off and only has Friday and Saturday left before our fun vet consult on Sunday.

Not tragic, but I was really hoping to string together enough rides so that if anything on the mare is aggravated by riding but not standing/lunging/galloping around on her own, I wanted to be sure to bug it.

So, clever me thought "Oooh! I'll email BO, I can surely tack up and lunge the beast, and maybe just have her hop on to trot the beast around."

Sadly the BO (unlike yours truly) actually has plans for this fine Friday night.. so that brilliant plan was dead on the ground. (damn).

I'm still going out to the barn. And I might still even try to ride.  So far I've munched my way through about 2/3 a bag of cough drops, but if I start saving them, I might have enough to squeak me through a ride without convulsing in a coughing fit.

I'm a little cranky about it.

BUT realistically, it's sunny, I got to watch a fun wedding at an ungodly hour (maybe waking up at 1am didn't help the sleep function of healing..), and it's Friday.  Hard to complain about any of that, especially when I still get to go love on the mare for a bit.

In other news.. I continued my workplace stream of Rolex dressage and only had one person ask why I was responding so vocally to what was on my computer screen..

Really fascinating email...???  believable...?  no??  Dang.

eh. who cares.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a good weekend ride!

ps- I've enlisted my father to join me on Sunday so he can man the camera during our exam.  Hopefully it's informative on some level!


  1. I'm just getting over a cold that kept me from riding for a week. It sucks! Hope youj're feeling better soon.

  2. Yay! I'm glad your dad is taking pictures. :D

    Sorry you're sick. That's weird that you're coughing, but no fever, achy muscles or fatigue . . . I hope you feel better soon.

    Maybe you should go see the doctor. I've never heard of coughing when your heart rate is up with no other symptoms. If it was coughing all of the time even resting I would just say allergies. The reason I encourage going to the doctor (especially if you have insurance) is because my husband got a fever and if we'd waited it out thinking it was the flu he could have gotten very, very sick because it was actually a bacterial infection. As it was he took antibiotics and because we caught it so early he got better a lot faster without being horribly miserable. Anyway not trying to scare you or anything, but it just seems odd. Keep us updated. I'll send good thoughts.


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