Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trailers... (cont'd)

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments.  Trailers seem to be one of those things that Horse people secretly (and not so secretly) obsess about, covet and totally just geek out over.  I know I've said it before, but my middles school self used to call out the stats on passing trailers like I was oogling a rare classic car... To each their own, right?

Supermom managed to scrounge up another fantastic option (pretty darn close to that elusive 2005 Sundowner I'm chasing..).  It's certainly not conveniently located, but it does absolutely tick all the boxes for what I want.  Plus its a... gooseneck? No LQ on this one, but it does have an A/C unit and a big 'ol awning which I won't lie... can't come in might handy for the hot (or rainy!) days at clinics and schooling shows and whatnot.  Here in the great Pacific Northwest, our awnings are just as good at sheltering us from drizzle and mud as they are at providing shade from the "sun."

2002 Sundowner, 2 horse straight load with the mangers and walk through.  Looks to be in good condition... the only downside is that it's.... In Southern California.  BUT the price is right.  It's (clearly) cheaper than the new bumper pulls we've been considering and might just be perfect? Plus, I always love a road trip!

Here's the Full Listing thoughts?

In related news The Boy just emailed that he's ordered a new truck box (his side box would interfere with a 5th wheel hookup) and has already obtained a few quotes for installing the 5th wheel hitch.. I'm getting the vibe that he'd rather get a gooseneck...

The gently used straight load gooseneck is also an elusive creature in the Seattle area... but I'm recasting my search net...


  1. Ooh, I love that one! A lot. And I'm with you on obsessing over trailers. I really want a new one so every time I see one I like I file away what brand and style it is... This one seems super nice!

  2. Road Trip!! Wonder if you could find someone to bring it up?

  3. I like it. It's a good size to easily run around with. And even though there's no living quarters you can still throw a mattress up in the gooseneck and sleep in there, especially since it does have A/C. Looks to be in very good condition. Plus I've always liked the way a gooseneck hauls over a bumperpull.

  4. Double-check the frame underneath the trailer and google the year/model for any known frame issues. I know in Southern CA they don't have a whole lot of weather issues but over on the East Coast I believe it was Sundowner whose frames were rotting out from underneath them from the salt on the roads.

  5. Is there a divider between the horse area and the gooseneck area? A friend had one that did NOT have a divider, and hay got all over EVERYTHING, every time she used it. She had to put everything in trunks and then bungee the trunks against the front, which got to be a pain. Plus she had a saddle come off a saddle rack (or maybe a horse flipped it off) and it ended up coated in manure and urine after sliding around on the floor during a two hour trip. But if there IS a divider... that trailer's gorgeous and you should take a road trip to go get it! ;)


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