Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Luxe Gifties

Full disclosure that this is a totally biased list, based entirely on things I think are pretty but haven't actually given into buying for myself (rare, I know).  Even I draw the line sometimes.  As wonderful as the girls would look in/on/with these items, I haven't justified it yet (emphasis on the yet). 

In no particular order...

1) The Dubai Bridle

First up, a bridle I've been drooling over for a while.  I'm a sucker for pretty much anything Otto Schumacher (you'll see more than one item on this list by them) but this bridle continues to taunt me from afar.  

I've become a huge fan of the muted sparkles that adorn the noseband and browband.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some glitter (on me or the mares) but there's something about this bridle in "Dorado" that's flashy without being ostentatious.  Prairie would look killer in this.  Pia not so much. but that's ok.

At $699.99 I won't be ringing it up anytime soon, but it would be a dynamite show bridle.

2) Gorgeous Stall Plates:

There are a million varieties out there worth posting.  Butt he simple fact remains that substantial, well crafted stall plates are a great detail in any barn aisle 

I stumbled onto Nelson Manufacturing's site a while back and really liked the variety of their products. 
I find this one particularly classy:

3)  Rambo Grand Prix Helix Sheet

Confession.  I own this.  But I love this. and secretly I was at least one more for Prairie and one for Pia to match (obvi).  They look adorable in their matching plaid fleece coolers, but they'd look smashing in these bad boys.  The fabric wicks, so it functions like a nice cooler and I really like it to haul in.  The drape is magnificent, the fabric stays decently clean and the trim dresses it up a bit.  Prairie always looks fancier than she is when she steps off the trailer in this sheet.

At $105 it's more than I'd usually spend on a stable sheet, but way less than a custom wool dress sheet and frankly, I think this looks sharper than many of the dress sheets out there.  I'm biased though. 

4) Otto Schumacher Custom Halter

Drool.  I want them all.  The leather is stunning and there are so many options I don't even know what I would order if I did feel like blowing the cash on one.
I don't have a horse that would model this option perfectly (though I could find one I'm sure). but I think it's drop dead.  sigh.

5) Gersemi.  All of it.

It's spendy and it's prettier than things that I should wear within 50' of the Muddy Mares, but lord I like it.  I begrudge the women at shows trotting around in their gorgeously styled (but moderately functional) Gersemi, but secretly I just want it.  I want it all.

This jacket is my fav in their current line up:
6) Monogrammed Stable/Polo Wraps

It is the birth right of every equestrian to monogram as many things as possible.  Show shirts, saddle pads, blankets.. You name it and you can put your name on it.  As a kid I never monogrammed a thing.  In fact I found it sort of confusing and avoided it all together.  These days though I love it.  For one, it keeps your stuff from wandering off elsewhere in the barn and for another, when you stick to the same font and style across all your items it's sharp.  (For the recod I stick to Dover's "K" option on monograms.  Love it).

I have yet to cross the boundary of throwing my initials on leg wraps, but when it's done well, I really like the look.  Especially for shipping.  But for myself, I just can't justify $10 of monogram on $10 wraps.  The cost doesn't quite balance out.  $10 monogram on a $50 pad? sure.  But that's what makes monogrammed wraps a good gift.  Something we don't buy ourselves.  It does mean that the pony clubber has to come out and get OCD enough to get your wraps all perfectly lined up so that your pretty monogram stays centered. 

7) Handcrafted Bit Box

For the Tack Ho' with everything.. I bet she doesn't have this. 

A well crafted, totally gorgeous bit box.  Keep all your bits in a tidy little row and at your fingertips without them clanging around, sinking to the bottom of a box or sitting on a bridle hook encrusted with dried hay/grain/slobber.

At $295, it's in the splurge section of tack organizers, but what a gorgeous show piece for the well manicured tack room or tack locker.  Rhar. 

8) Brush Box

While we're on that classy site... I love their dovetailed brush box as well.  I like that it has the traditional look of a wooden brush box.  It's refined enough to be carried to any back gate, but it's distinctive enough that you won't forget which one is yours.  
Also, at $79 it's remarkably affordable for a custom wood piece.

9) Cheval Show Shirts

They fit.  They don't come untucked.  They have extra long arms for the right amount of "cuff."  They look cute when your coat's off.  And they are machine washable.  No ironing. 


You can definitely find cheaper "wrap collar" shirts out there. but these are so damn cute and the fabric is worth paying for.  They last and they launder well.  That is all.

I was going to finish the list with a world class equine like Sa Coeur or someone equally drool worthy. but since I don't think anyone is dropping multiple 7 figure checks on a horse anytime soon, we might as well stay within the stratosphere a little bit. 

10) Samshield Custom Helmet

At 995 Euros it better not only protect your noggin, but increase your IQ by a substantial percentage.  But price not withstanding, Samshield has come out with very attractive, subtly distinctive helmets.  I'm a fan of their "off the rack" options, but the pallets for their custom helmets are brilliantly done.  I recognize that both the hunter and dressage rings leave no room for such fabulous headgear, but It almost justifies a foray into the jumper ring where the audience would be both suitable and appreciative.   I played around on their website and came up with this fun thing:
And in case you can't see.  Yes, those are 255 tiny little rhinestones sparkling nicely around the perimeter of the brown lizard top piece.  Over the top? Sure.  But why not.  I wear a helmet every time I ride and it seems only fair that there's a possibility for it to be something fun and fabulous.

So many pretty things.


  1. Oh my... I adore Gersemi. I own two items from them and cannot have more, but SO PRETTY.

    Now I really, really want that show shirt, too. Let me know if you ever hear of a sale (preferably at a time when I have money).

    Yeah, I like all your options. Not sold on the bridle, but that's just because Cuna would look horrific in it and I don't have another pony to play with right now.

  2. I'm in love with every single thing you posted, lol. I have been drooling over that OS Bridle forever, but I can never justify spending more than one or two hundred on a bridle. The Cheval shirts are lovely - I found one at a tack store on sale for $60, but sadly it was too small :( And Gersemi... love!

  3. Just the types of things I shouldn't be looking at! Haha... I did bookmark the Nelson site for their stall plates though. I realized after the fact that they're $150-$200, but hey... maybe someday I'll want to splurge.

  4. Love the stall plates! Gorgeous!

  5. We had a lady that used to come do all this amazing custom woodwork for the barn I managed in CT... custom bridle racks, tack lockers, all the woodwork in the grooming stall, leather and wood saddle racks, bit boxes, oh god!! It was all so amazingly gorgeous, I just wanted to die!!

  6. I'll take the horse modeling the Rambo sheet, please. ;)

  7. I never new that Bit Boxes existed! My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of organization tack hoarding.

  8. wow you have great taste! I love ALL the things you posted.. when you find someone to buy everything, have them buy an extra for me lol! :)

  9. Umm drooling all over my keyboard here.

  10. I want that bit box. So many bits...and no box.


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