Friday, May 10, 2013

3' Derby Rides

S's Victory Gallop (they got to actually canter)
S unquestionable gets slightly more polished, prettier rides from Prair than I do, which is one reason why I wanted to post the videos from Prair's 3'-3'6" Derby rides.  I'm sure I have other reasons, but without caffiene my shingles brain is lacking functionality...

In terms of the rides themselves, S had her work cut out for her since both rounds came at the end of the day when Prair was just starting to decide that she wasn't sure she wanted to play nicely for another 2 minutes. 

I think she had a slightly more responsive mare on Saturday for the first round on Saturday.  Sunday Prairie looked a little like she had run cross country, she was just tired and a little cranky and less adjustable than normal. 

Round 1 Sat: (crappy phone video)

And Round 2 (handy) from Sunday (better camera)
Remember this was pretty much right after my crappy Eq round on the mare.  She was definitely building through the day and I think S got a pretty good ride out of her considering...

(note I was trying to wrangle S's foster dog who wines horridly if she gets more then 5' away)

The mare has a few more manners to learn before she's able to take all the high/tight options at this height, but I'm very pleased with how she did for her first time showing over 3'6" fences (expecially because we never ride that height at home).

Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Very nice! That's one thing I love about those big hunter fences, they are all filled in and really don't look too big. :)

  2. Excellent!! Heh. Loved your background commentary, too.

  3. She wants to be a show jumper lol. She looks awesome! :) Now I have to go watch again with the volume up because I didn't know there was commentary lol.


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