Thursday, April 24, 2014

Big Sigh

Prair Beak
Well, we ("we", lol) took Prair out today to see how things were looking, and praise be to the horse-gods, the mare was sound.

Not only was she sound, she was a total rock star and came out of her (boring) stall totally ready to work.

That ended up being a good thing, because the mare got worked.  Lots of counter canter, lots of serpentines, lots of transitions.  Nice push from behind, much lighter up front and a return of the nice, pretty float that I was missing at the show.


Tomorrow she'll work over some small fences, so I'm holding my breath a bit until then - but I feel about a million times better about things with a solid, sound ride under our belts.

Thanks Mare.  Extra treats for soundness!!!


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