Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prair's Next "Photo Shoot"

Wow, blogging between diaper changes and breast pump sessions is not quite as easy I assumed (what?? A new parent that didn't fully understand the time/energy needed??? shocking...).

Last week I got a call from N that Prair was a bit off again.

That pesky left front, but she was only off *sometimes.*  about 30 min into a lesson with HLL, she said Prair felt a bit off, but nothing was visible.  10 minutes later, it was visible, so N hopped on to see what she felt.  With N on, Prair was sound.  When HLL hopped back on, the mare went lame again... so we think it is slight enough that when the mare is going correctly... she hides it.

Still not good, and the intermittent coming and going of this lameness has my brain thinking that we are in fact dealing with soft tissue... Which incites some panic, but so far I'm controlling it.

Fortunately, the vet was coming out a few days later, so we furthered our previous diagnostics with an ultrasound.

Nothing horrific showed up (thankfully), but there were some irregularities in a few structures that warrant further exploration.  My brain dead baby brain doesn't totally remember which tendons/ligaments were mentioned, but I'm pretty sure DDFT was on the list.  Maybe not though.... I can't be certain.

To be clear, vet didn't see any massive holes or strains, but she did some some changes in the tissue that looked different than her right front.

So, what's that mean?

We're scheduling a trip to WSU for an MRI.  I inquired about going to Portland for the Standing MRI they have.... but vet said something about magnets and 1.5 instead of .3 and that we need the machine at WSU.

An MRI will also complete our trifecta of images of Prair's paw.  X-Ray, Ultrasound and MRI.  Good thing we weren't planning on showing this month... sheesh.

I'm leery about anesthesia after Pia's trauma, but after thinking about it with The Boy, we decided that going under at a fabulous teaching hospital with some of the best vets in the country is a different proposition than at a small private clinic.  Also we decided that Prair is too nice and too young to screw around with an ambiguous diagnosis.

So that brings us to the logistics.  Somehow, we have to get the mare across the state (250 miles) for three days (check in Day 1, MRI Day 2, discharged on Day 3...).  The crazy horse lady in me said "OMG I HAVE TO BE THERE."  Because a) I want to be there and b) I've never been to the WSU facility and I think it would be neat to see.

That sentiment was quickly stifled by a shrieking 1 week old baby and I realized that maybe a 7 hour haul across the state in 100 degree temps with a brand new baby was a bad idea... so I caved and decided that I can't really help anything by being with Prair during her MRI and hauling both horse and baby might be a little much.

I started calling haulers.  I called like 8.  I called them repeatedly.  Some called back - most didn't, but NO ONE was able to haul for the 3 day trip.  WTF.

Then I got tired of trying, and a bit more sleep deprived, so I stopped worrying about Prair (she's fine... just not being worked, summer vacay anyone?) and just focused on baby and home for a few days.

Now that I've slept more, I'm anxious to sort out the MRI issue and leaning toward just hauling myself again.  If temps drop a bit (currently in the 100's along the route), I'll definitely just haul. I have reservations about stopping in that heat to nurse/pump and cooking the mare.   But we shall see.

I'm anxious to get back in the saddle, and while Gus will satisfy that need for a bit, it sure would be nice to get Prair sorted out and on the mend sooner rather than later!!!


  1. Oye. Definitely not ideal to have to haul her yourself, but if anyone could do it with a newborn, I know you can! While summer vacay wouldnt be the worst idea, getting this thing (whatever it is) diagnosed while it's a little angry and hopefully visible on MRI sounds like the best plan. Could it be saddle related? Is HLL bigger than N, could that be putting weird pressure on P if she's not as balanced?

  2. Ugh. Good luck with the balancing act!

  3. MRI is frustrating. That's the next step for Simon as well if suspensory is a concern (haven't ruled it out) but can't cough up the funds. I hope you figure out how to get here there!

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about this. Hope you're able to get things sorted out.

  5. Sorry to read this, hope you can figure out the less stressful means of transport for all involved.
    Keeping everything crossed for you

  6. Both weird mare lamenesses and shipping issues are the bane of my existence right now. Good luck!

  7. Dang!! I was hoping it was the rein lameness thing.. I hope it's nothing serious.

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for your and Prair!

  9. All of that seems so stressful and confusing. Can I also add that you have the MOST understanding, supportive boy in the world. He deserves an award for hubs of the year!

  10. Soft tissue injuries are awful, sorry you're going through that! Mine needed an MRI to diagnose a DDFT problem, he needed surgery but he came back quite well. Good luck!

  11. Hugs!! At least at this age baby sleeps a lot so while the trip isn't the as sans baby it's doable :)

    Here's to getting some answers!!

  12. Stop often to nurse and get a hands-free pump with car adapter. The heat sounds like the biggest challenge since baby should sleep pretty well in the moving car. Good luck!


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