Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gus' Great Adventure

apologies for falling into baby-land again.... I have not been great at updating the blog as of late...eek.

First - Prair is good.  her face has a few scratches and it looks like she really bit her lip.. BUT that seems to be the worst of it, so WHEW.  I have some good rides to update on so hopefully I'll get to that shortly.

But GUS.  Oh sweet Gus. Last Friday Brookledge picked him up and he started his big journey East again.  Lucky for Gus the truck was mostly empty and he got upgraded to a Box Stall for the journey.  I spent Friday morning loving on him and trying to clean him up and shoving treats in his big beak. 
Byeeeeeeeee Gussie

One thing I enjoy about Brookledge is they are very on time and extremely courteous.  They showed up about 20 min before they said they would and happily go the van ready while I finished wrapping Gus up and getting him all ready.  They asked good questions like when I would like him blanketed as they went through cold weather and also if I had any concerns about anything or reason to suspect him getting upset or anxious.  I said he was a good boy and an easy hauler, but the driver still gave me his cell in case I wanted to call and check on him along the way.

True to Gus form he walked eagerly on the truck, stopping only to swipe a bite of hay on his way in.  he was thrilled to find a stall, deeply bedded with multiple flakes waiting for him and he set about munching happily. 

We chatted for a few more minutes before I gave him one last kiss and sent him on his way.

I knew I would be sad to say bye to Gus, but it was harder than I expected.  Mostly because this is one of the few times I've had to say bye to a horse and know that they weren't coming back.  Usually someone gets sent off on trial and in my head I'm trying not to jinx things and think that more it's more than likely that I'll see them again in a couple weeks (cough cough, Pia, cough). 

Fortunately I feel great about his new home and got the report that Gus landed safe and sound on Sunday afternoon.  I was impressed that Gus was able to basically get there in 48 hours even with all the craptastic weather crisscrossing the country.  I'll be sure to post pictures of the big guy's arrival when I get them.  But knowing that he's happy and settled and "home" is enough for now. 

"there's food in here"

Looking for one last treat


  1. Must have been hard to send a sweet boy like that on his way... hope we'll get updates now and again. :D

  2. aww - so bittersweet to see him leave! sounds like he's in excellent hands at his new home tho!

  3. Brookledge is the BEST. So glad to hear that Gus had a safe trip and is settling in well!

  4. Bye Gus-Gus! Have fun with your new awesome family! Keep in touch :)

  5. Ahhhhhh hes such a good guy!!! So glad he traveled well and is doing great!

  6. Aw Gus! I'm so happy you found such a great fit for him. I know how hard it can be to find truly great homes for horses like him, older solid citizens with a few issues.

    I'm planning on using Brookledge to ship Guinness this summer, so I love hearing good reviews from them.

  7. What a good boy, sounds like you found a wonderful home for him :)

  8. So glad all went well with Gus' journey. I hope his new family have as much fun with him as you did. There is no doubt he will be loved as i mean come on...look at that face ♡

  9. Gus Gus <3

    What a guy. I'll miss your updates on him.

  10. Sounds like Gus is off to a great new adventure!

    The huge semi trailers like the one Brookledge uses is the type of trailer that my OTTB was shipped in and there for used to. He refused to load in our brand new 3 horse slant that we bought FOR HIM when we went to get him. Apparently his royal highness, fancy pants ex racehorse NEEDS luxury accommodations for his travel.

  11. That is one swaggy horse transport, damn!

  12. Glad Gus made the trip in great form.
    Does that mean Pia is coming back?

  13. Awww so sad to see him go, but I'm so glad he found a fantastic home!


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