Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Ultrasound - post script

Talked to vet this am, and the comparison to our December ultrasound images is even better than I thought. 

I was assuming (hoping) that essentially the tendon would look the same, but that the inflammation would prove to be new from the last 6 weeks of relatively heavy work. 

Turns out the inflammation was actually present in the same amount/areas in December so it doesn't appear to be a response to the increased workload.

Also, icing on cake?  The DDFT itself continues to look more organized and more healed than in December

So that's a big 'ol

I feel even more confident heading to Thermal knowing that working Prair 5-6 days a week- with a lot of jumping (in terms of reps, not difficulty) is still allowing her DDFT to continue healing.  Makes the months (and months... and months) of stall rest and walking seem like a great investment.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but it's always encouraging to see that our current strategy is (currently) working. 

Big. Sigh. Of. Relief.


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