Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week Off

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments about our show success :)  I'm grateful the "no warmup" plan seemed to work and grateful I have a trainer who is willing to think outside the box like that.  It was a strange process but all in all a great show for both the mare and I in terms of learning and good, positive experiences!

Yesterday, Prairie got a little once-over from the vet just to make sure all is well and the two weeks of showing didn't set her back at all.  She lunged totally sound, but was maybe a .5 or 1/5 on her pesky left front on the hard pack.  Our vet didn't seem too concerned, even thinking that might be her new normal - which is something I might have to accept.

All in all though, she thought the left front looked great, and that two long weeks at 2'6" seems to not affect it negatively at this point.  So that's a big WHEW.

The only slight bummer is that her back was showing a lot of soreness to palpation.  I haven't noticed any increased sensitivity when I'm currying her/poking around during my regular inspections - but in full disclosure, I also didn't groom the mare once at the show, and as good as our guys are, I'm not sure they would have noticed if she started to get a tad flinchy.  I get serious horse-owner guilt when I acknowledge that Prair was probably uncomfortable and I just wasn't hands on enough to pick up on it.  It's definitely the risk of not doing your own grooming.  the flexibility and convenience is a huge upside (especially when balancing work and a baby and a show), but the downsides are real and unavoidable.

I also don't know how much Prair's fall on the lunge the first week could have knocked things around or possibly angered a few vertebrae.

If I had to guess - I'd say it wasn't the fall, but rather her long, low back that is just in one of its angry cycles.  When we reviewed notes, it's been nearly 18 months since her last round of injections, which is pretty darn good.  Initially we were expecting to need to inject every 3 months, but if good work, and strong muscling can help us stretch that interval - well I'm all for it.

So the mare has the rest of the week (and weekend) off, and we'll get back to some light hacks next week.

In the meantime, here are a few more photos from last weekend.

not exactly perfect, but much less lurch-y!
sweet baby jesus we're almost straight

Ears *almost* forward


  1. Sorry her back came up sore. I know that can be frustrating to deal with.

  2. You guys look great! She looks blue in some of those photos. I think the break will be just right for her.

  3. Fab photos & great news that her leg held up well to the two weeks showing demands. Pity about the back but you give Prair the best of everything and am sure with your excellent care she will be right as rain in no time.

  4. great pictures! hope her back is feeling back to 100% soon :)

  5. Even with some soreness overall her recovery has been so great and you've done a great job of managing it all

  6. That is a wonderful success story! Hoping soon she will be 100%

  7. That is a wonderful success story! Hoping soon she will be 100%

  8. Lovely photos, congrats on a great show! Sending good vibes for backs that feel much better soon!

  9. It's so interesting to hear the vet care that goes into an A circuit hunter. Quite impressive care the mare gets! Don't beat yourself up too much about her back - you've got so much on your mind, it's so hard to catch every little thing. What a wonderful two weeks, and here's to hoping the mare has an enjoyable time off!

  10. Even he best of backs would be a little sore likely after two weeks of showing, so hers has held up great considering her past issues. If she had been that miserable likely you would have known it. It's been great following your show experience for those of us that likely won't ever do that level of showing.

  11. I'm glad the legs are holding up at least! Sounds like you're giving her the very best regarding her back.


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