Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vet Updates (because we're doing these in groups now..)

Not an extremely exciting post - but Prair has little to report on these days.  The good news is that her poop situation has stabilized.  It no longer seems like she is uncomfortable, instead we are back to our low grade leg/tail nuisance.  so that is a small victory to celebrate.

On a more empirical level, all of her lab work has come back clean.  No scary infectious diseases, no scary blood imbalances (though we thought that was an issue before we figured out the lab equipment was broken and had given (the same) weird results on every sample....). 

So that's good.  Current next step is a antibiotic that our vet has had some luck with on unexplained diarrhea.  It's sort of a shot in the dark, but whatever, might as well attempt it?  the only drawback is clearing out all the good bacteria in her gut, so her 5 day treatment won't start until we have a really good pre/pro-biotic on hand to issue at the same time. 

In terms of non-poop related updates, the mare looks good.  Her legs are staying much tighter with less wrapping and I'm hoping that means there might be less edema surrounding the suspensory.  (fingers crossed).  Prair's tummy edema is also gone, and she's a happy lazy mare in her turnout.

I crossed paths with our sports medicine vet today, and since she'll be on the farm again next week, she's going to do a minimal exam on the mare then, since it will have been 4 weeks since the last ultrasound.  she'll palpate and flex, which presumably will still show tenderness.  If that's the case that's all that will happen.  If by some major miracle all tenderness is gone, we'll ultrasound again and see what's going on. 

All in all Prair is good.  Whatever weird stress she was responding to a couple weeks ago, seems to be gone.  It's nice to see her back to herself and enjoying all her curry comb groom sessions. :)


  1. Glad things are doing better bit by bit. All these positive blocks will fit together for the big picture before you know it *hugs*

  2. Sounds like things are as good as can be expected. :-/

  3. Glad to hear she is more comfortable. I hope the check up goes well / uneventful!

  4. Such a stress relief when they are clearly feeling better.

  5. phew - one less thing to worry about! glad she's happy and feeling good!

  6. I just checked in because we haven't heard from you in a while (no judgment, I've been a horrible blogger as well lately). Just wondering how the pretty black mare is doing! Hope she's comfortable/improving. Cheers!

    1. I know I know! I've been eating by the baby-work-oops-life monster. Post coming!!!


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