Wednesday, May 4, 2016

OMG a Review: A Remarkably Affordable Hunt Coat

I think it's been a while since I've reviewed much on the site, but a (somewhat) impulse buy in California deserves mention.

My Current show "wardrobe" (if we want to call it that) is large, but not that useful.  There's a whole section from "pre-baby" (realistically it's pre-marriage, and therefore even less likely to ever fit again, lol), and then there's the awkward section of "pregnant and post baby clothes" that have been purchased at a variety of price points and with varying levels of desperation.

When we packed for Cali, I took two pairs of decently clean tan breeches - a TS from the pre-baby pile that are a tad tight, and a pair of Treadstep Symphonies (can't remember which version) that fit awesome but are looking a tad worn. 

I also grabbed two coats - one older Grand Prix that I bought on super sale in a really gorgeous gray with a tan thread in it... and my previously unworn GP Tech Lite that was custom ordered exactly when Prair broke.

I also grabbed a smattering of shirts.  Several of my FAVORITE FITS shirts, the Callidae and an extra white one who's label is no longer visible.

A lot of the shirts ended up too big in the neck (wtf?) even though they fit (mostly) everywhere else. My collars looked baggy and like they were gaping, which is not a cute look, especially in the Eq ring (even if it's baby Eq).

The Gray-ish coat got a big thumbs down from the trainer, for looking... "sloppy" even though it's not loose, I agreed with her. 

I will fully admit that nothing is where it used to be, and even though I'm roughly the same weight as I was pre-baby, it's like the fat got smeared around in all new places.  (totally annoying since I've spent the last 30+ years figuring out how to dress the old fat spots in a flattering manner...)

Anyway, you can imagine that I was a little annoyed that things weren't fitting great, and I was feeling anxious about essentially only having one coat and a lot of days to be sweating in it. 

So... all this is to say, that while wandering Tack-Trailer-Row I was (casually) looking for a new Navy coat (the likes of which I haven't had in 20 years).  The gray color I had clashed oddly with Windsy, and after shrugging on another client's navy coat I LOVED the way it looked on him, and Navy = a good basic anyway... so my eyes were peeled.

I was also feeling a bit Horse-Poor so I quickly passed the beauties that I lust over (but knew I'd hate myself for buying), and scoured the consignment shops and (ahem) more financially accessible establishments.

What I found, and ultimately returned to purcahse was the RJ Classics Xtreme coat in Navy.
Catalog photos are the worst... this is much brighter than the coat is in person.. it's a very dark navy

RJ's have not fit me well in the past, so I was reluctant to even try it on, but the lady insisted so I did.

And I loved it.

(I also loved that I was a "6 long" since I am not above vanity sizing in the slightest)

The coat has a great weight to it. Hangs nicely and has just enough stretch to make things looks tailored, without the jacket looking like it was painted on (a style I don't love). 

At $230 I also thought it was very competitively priced for the look. 

It's washable, it made me feel skinny and it was extremely comfortable to wear all day in both rain and heat, which we were able to delightfully test in the same day.

---- FYI, I bought this picture, it just hasn't arrived yet - and I'm not patient, so the blurry watermarked version is what you get... ---------

The cute horse isn't bad either

The Xtreme line has coats priced around $230, and then another "label" priced up in the $500 range.  I tried on the $500 (because there was a brown color that I sorta loved..) but I honestly preferred the fit and style of the $230 coat.  The more expensive line is for sure aimed at more of a Jumper fit... shorter coat, TIGHT EVERYWHERE and some less traditional finishes like zippered pockets.

I'm sure there is a difference in quality somewhere but when I was staring at them side by side, the fabrics looks comparable.

Anyway, for anyone looking for a low maintenance (I've washed mine twice), stretchy, new coat for the season - it might be worth trying one of these bad boys out... just know you should probably order a size down and feel like a rock star ;)

They also recently released a beautiful four button version aimed to be appropriate as a crossover coat between H/J and Dressage rings... I'm assuming for all you crazy eventers out there.


  1. RJ has had some great new stuff out recently. I tried on some of the $500 coats (because brown) and they fit better than I expected. They also have some lovely merlot breeches that are on my want list.

    1. oh I saw the Merlot!! gorgeous color...

  2. I have that coat in green! LOVE it :)

  3. I picked one up and had the same thoughts about it, except that It's just a little too big. It's sooo nice though!

  4. I have one of their more lower end coats. It's still that nice, looser fit with a flattering cut, but I do wish they had something that functioned better in the heat. Great coats overall, and they seem to work well for my body type.

  5. I need to get my butt in gear to fit in my Equiline coat I got on super sale at the beginning of the year, but its good to know I have a backup

  6. Huh. I now feel less bad about owning two show coats, both of which fit me. Of course, I've never actually shown in either.

  7. I think I would sell my soul for a coat that made me feel skinny, but for $230? You really can't go wrong there. When the new pony and I hit the show ring, will you dress us?! Always so stylish and pulled together.

  8. I have a dark navy RJ and love it - can't beat the classic look. It's a little warm for mid summer but I'll probably have it forever.

  9. I just got their super basic model and love it! Hard to believe the quality for the price!


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