Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day..

So poor P missed out on TWO WHOLE DAYS of attention recently.  I felt bad but there was some life drama, so oh well.  Saturday I popped out to see the beast since everyone else was off at a little show and I figured she'd like some company.

The barn was a ghost town.  Literally the old (mostly dead) pony, Pia and her "goat" (/morab neighbor) were the only ones there.  I turned P loose and let her make a disaster of the arena.  She bucked and kicked, and snorted at everything she could.  Then she promptly turned her attention back to the "hay bale jump" and continued dragging the bale around the ring with her.  weirdo.

It was nice and sunny so I took the oppotunity to bathe the monster and hand graze her for a few while she dried.  She was good, and only spooked at two bunnies.
What a cutie.  and now she smells delicious.

Sunday I decided to get dramatic and dealt with non horsey things all day so poor Pia was left to her lonesome and treatless.

Yesterday I was "supposed" to go to the barn but I forgot socks for my boots and when i went to leave and saw that my car was thinking it was 74 degrees, I headed West instead of East and made a beeline for the dock.  I think that if Pia liked tanning, she would have understood.  I love the first few dock days of every year. So damn relaxing and warm.  plus it doesn't hurt that Dad willingly pours G&T's starting at 3pm... Mare might need to learn how to mix a mean martini... then I'm pretty sure I'd have no reason to ever leave the barn. :)

(forgive this hipster photo processing.. new app on the phone, haven't quite figured it out yet...)
(shoes on dock --> barefoot me--> happy me)
(Dad, Drink, Dock.)

Fortunately for Pia, it's POURING rain again, so the dock isn't tempting.  Today I grabbed the Boy and ran out to Woodinville to pick up the trailer... looked great all clean and the owner was nice enough to through in some of her trailer gear (jacks, haynets, ties) with it, so we are all set for summer roadtrips! (or vet visits, you pick).
The trailer lady also happened to be getting out of horses entirely so she had a garage FULL of blankets and tack and pads and whatever. I dug through a few piles and grabbed an extra fly sheet (since they ALWAYS tear) and a couple other random bits.  Pia was less than thrilled with all of her new bits... one in particular:
I'm going to say that she was checking the tag for the size/designer and NOT trying to chew it off.
It's ugly right? but cheap stuff is cheap and who KNOWS when you might need your horse to like like a giant optical illusion... 

The exciting news is that the trailer is finally parked at the barn! YAY tack locker! I didn't get to load it all up with my extra crap though because a) in theory I'm supposed to be "at work" today, and b) I forgot barn shoes, so stomping around in cute python flats seemed questionable given the torrential rain storm.

Leaves something fun for tomorrow I guess.

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