Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ok. So after a tantrum reminicent of a three year old with an ear ache, I seem to have sorted out the vet situation.  We are on for tomorrow (phew), just pushed back a few hours.

In the mean time I've been getting my ride time in on Charlie (a stout MORAB) and Macy (a cute, leggy QH).  They are both cute and fun.  Not as sassy as miss P, but hey  - she's one of a kind. :)

here's quick vid of my last ride on Macy

She's only 4, but she's super sweet and very straight forward.  What a doll. 

Ok, so on my to do list is to head to the barn, pressure wash the granola chunks off Pia and spruce her up for her big trip tomorrow (not sure why I'm obsessed with always turning horses out nicely, but I am).  then a quick lesson on Charlie in preperation for our debut in the Long Stirrup Division at a "C" show next weekend.  Nothing looks more elegant  than a 5'1"" rider on a fat pony.... we might not win any classes on looks, but I think assuming that Charlie behaves and goes OVER the jumps, we have a shot in our Eq class (if I ever raise my hands up to a reasonable position...).

Ta-Da! So glad things are progressing... can't wait to hear what the vet says tomorrow.

Pia says" Waaaaaaaaaaaaat, why are you hosing my knee? give me that nozzle, I'll eat it"

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