Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Jekell/Miss Hyde

(Dr Jekell)

Technically that was the subject of the email from the BO that I got on Saturday, so I can't take full credit, but it does seem to be appropriate...

After our inconclusive day on thursday, I didn't really know where to turn.  I chatted with BO on Saturday and we decided to just keep on keeping on, but with me increasing my rides (I miss riding, yo).  I got to the barn nice and early so that I could groom the girl up, chat with the BO and then move on to my 47 engagements for the day.  I'm glad we got to talk, but the chat time sorta ate up my potential viewing time, so I had to leave right when P got to work, which was bad timing but unavoidable.

I must say that P looked nice and happy though.  Aside from all the mystery hairless spots on her body (95% sure they are bug bites), she was acting relaxed and happy.  She tacked up like a dream and walked out to the ring loosey-goosey and dead calm.

The plan was for the BO to long line her, then (if all signs pointed to happy) to get on and work her a bit under saddle.

According to the email I got, she long lined "beautifully."  Calm, happy relaxed. The Usual.

Until she got on, and apparently P wouldn't even tolerate walking around the arena (snot).  She started wagging her head, bucking, cow kicking, all her favorite tricks.  Which is when BO decided to get off and try long lining again.  Which is when Pia decided to buck in hand, take off and break ANOTHER set of reins.


Rude, rude, rude.

(For the record, I'm on my last set of reins, and she's going to get ridden in bailing twine if this keeps up any longer...)

BO is of the opinion that she was being a snot on purpose, and that this isn't a pain issue.  I'm starting to agree with her, and starting to think about options.   The obvious one is to send her to a "cowboy" for an attitude adjustment, but after talking with Super-Mom, I'm not sure that's going to work.

Pia is smart.  And temperamental, and mostly like a velociraptor in that she is constantly testing the metaphorical fences.

Remember Jurassic Park?? Remember how long it took those sneaky dinosaurs to figure out the electric fences were off?  Yeah... NOT LONG.

(Miss Hyde.... )

That's Miss P... It doesn't take her long either.  And while I'm sure a cowboy her kick her butt and she would mind her manners, I don't necessarily think that the etiquette lesson would translate to when I was riding, or the BO was riding, or anyone else for that matter.. which is infuriating.

So it's battle time.  Today the beast gets me back, and I get to see if she's immediately going to pull crap on me, or give me the benefit of the doubt and at least pretend to behave.

All I know is that maybe I should have thought one second harder about digging up my old x-country vest from my parents basement today...  :)


  1. ha, ha, ha. sorry, your picture of the velocaraptor CRACKED ME UP! That is totally Denali, she can figure anything out. Hope your mare face starts acting like a lady!!

    Also, I was wondering (and I forget where I asked you earlier to go look for it) who you had come out to do body work on Pia. Could you e-mail it to me?

    rehabdenali at Yahoo dot com


  2. I found it, thanks. Also, I think we need to get together and have drinks!!! I want to meet Pia. :-)

  3. Oh good, I was just about to resend..

    Yes! My sales season is finally winding down, though I know your school season is just winding up.. but I'm so close to your work, we should grab a drink (and something deliciously fried) at Kingfish whenever you come up for air. Just let me know some dates!


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