Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go South, young mare!

Blogging live from the passenger seat...
P is locked and loaded in the back along with her cute friend May, a dainty little Holsteiner.

The Boy and I drove out to P's summer camp last night and after we finally emerged from under the rain clouds, it was a gorgeous drive

P got a quick scrubbing and a rudimentary mane chop (note: me and dull scissors in fading light are NOT a great combo for a haircut...) before The Boy and I took off for dinner and a super romantic stay at the local holiday inn.

(the big cool old barn at summer camp)

This am we were up early in an attempt to hit the road by 9am. P was ready, but her buddies weren't, which meant that we hit the road at the crack of.... Uh, noon.

Boy gets points for being a fully readied road buddy (tires, breaks as oil were all changed and checked pre-trip) and p gets points for managing to not tear her tail out after 4 months of it dragging on the ground.

(scrubbed, wrapped and clean-tailed)

So we're on the road, two hours down and four to go! Hang tight back there girls..

(The Boy approves of the new truck/trailer combo...)

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  1. Exciting! Good luck. Are you riding her in the trail challenge thing or is cowboyman?

  2. Ooh, trail challenge? I think I missed something. Have fun!

  3. Just reading this, I can't wait to read the follow up!!!


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