Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tack Ex-plo-HO-sion

First off.  Rad comments.  Thank you for sharing collective experience.  I can assure you I have the motive and the drive to buy 800 pairs of boots and fastidiously try them all, but it's so much easier, and so much cheaper to listen to the wise people around me.

As such, I pulled the trigger on the new T-Boots. 

UGH, so expensive, but so pretty, and reviewed well enough that they were worth the gamble for me.  I'm still not sure if they'll fit the big mare since there is nothing "M/L" about her.  She's more of an L/XL (extra, extra looooong) sort of gal.. but we shall see.

I imagine this happening inside my bank account...
Then, because my visa had wiggled it's way out of my wallet, it was free to tap dance all over my keyboard and continue ordering stuff.  What stuff you wonder? Oh you know, new breeches (tap tap tap), another one of my favorite jump pads (it was on sale!) ***tap tap tap***, some all purpose boots that Supermom conned me into buying ***tappity, tap tap*** 

I thought I was safe, I really did.  Oh, did I mention last week I bought P1 another blankey because her favorite one was on clearance??? Cause I did (Visa card emits high pitched squeal and keeps tap dancing on my keyboard).

THEN, this morning, in some sort of spree induced hangover, and apparently not deterred in the slightest from writing a check to the farrier, I ventured onto SmartPak (why, god why) and saw that the new T-Boots are on sale..

And not like a cheesy $5-off-to-grab-your-attention-sale, a holy-crap-that's-75%-off sort of sale.

Mind you, only the ones in white were marked down, but I was so enamored with the $40 price tag I figured what the hell, and I put them in my cart.  Then my visa was taunted by the "qualify for free shipping with only $35 more in purchases" or whatever the number was.  It doesn't matter what the number was, because what I read was "find 3 more things you don't really need and you will "save" on shipping!"

So what did I do? I let my visa off it's leash (who are we kidding, it's not on a leash ever) and managed to find some brush cleaner (rather practical), replacement leg straps (VERY practical, I have no idea where Pia is putting all of her leg straps.  and some more of my favorite silver gunk for scratches. 

BAM! Free shipping.  Free shipping and $40 boots!? Amazing.

The sick thing is that my brain is actually convinced that it "saved" money. 

In reality, if I "like" the t-boots but don't "love" them, the $40 pair will stay and be functional, and the black set will go back to full price hell where they came from.

And that is what I consider a fairly rational conclusion to a rather irrational extended tack ho bender. 

I think I need a glass of wine...


  1. Extremely well reasoned! If only logic like that worked on my husband...

  2. Oh dear. I got it wrong - I have no excuse except that I don't actually own the boots. Dalmar Eventer boots. Those are the ones I covet and will buy this year or jumping xc.

  3. And here I am and I have never bothered with boots/wraps unless I'm jumping around 1.2m/4ft, or it was the horses first ever time schooling drops (just to protect the back for the front legs - I had a pair of neoprene boots for that). I have seen more leg damage done from boots/bandages than I have scrapes to horses with out boots/bandages.

    1. That's fair. I think horses' legs work pretty well without us strapping all sorts of junk to them usually. Unfortunately I have seen/had some nasty scrapes, bonks and contusions (admittedly mostly on XC) on unprotected legs. Having never hurt one of my horses (knock on wood) with any of my wraps or boots yet, I'll use it as an excuse to be an over protective mother and play dress up :)

  4. I am so glad that SmartPak appears to be sold out of these $40 you speak of, you are suck a wonderfully good bad influence. I like my Premiere Equine eventing boots but I am eventing with them. The Equifit are absolutely on my radar as I have heard a lot of good things about them

    1. Sometimes "out ot stock" is the only that keeps me from sleeping under a bridge at night. I should really work a bit on the self control (I say as I eat a doughnut.. )

  5. Haha, amazing. I wish my Visa would put up with galavanting. Someday! It's definitely for the best in the meantime, haha.

  6. Of course as soon as you said "T-boots" and "$40" I went right on over to SmartPak. Thankfully, they were gone, otherwise there would've been trouble.

  7. Careful, Dover is having its annual huge sale right now!!

  8. Hey I did the same thing today- aye Visa! lol


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