Friday, October 4, 2013

Product Review - EXTREME Groom

A while back at our July show, we were fortunate enough to win enough blues that I was running out of things to pick up from the prize table (huge problem, I know..).  I had already secured a couple new coffee mugs (though I argue you can never have too many of these), horsey treats, weird cocktail glass thing, more horsey treats and was eyeballing the cute package with a tiny pony brush and a tiny pink pony sized comb when I noticed a weird bath-sponge-thing tied up with a bottle of shampoo. 

Knowing full well that I had forgotten my big body sponge for bathing I scooped it up and went back to the barn.  The bottle of shampoo turned out to be Extreme Groom Tea Tree Shampoo and it claimed to be good for hot spots and fungus. 

Basically I ripped off the sponge, went to bathe my horse and the shampoo slowly fell to the bottom of my trunk never to be seen again.

A few weeks ago I noticed the crud on Prair's hind cannons was worse than normal and figured I should probably attack it before fungus season secends in full force.  Remembering the weird bottle from the show I dug it out and scrubbed Prair's legs down after one of our rides. 

It smells nice, it's thick enough that you don't waste a lot during application and otherwise seemed very normal.

I repeated the process again last week (letting the suds sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing) and noticed that the crud is significantly improved.  It's still there (isn't it always), but looks way more controlled and less like it's slowly taking over her entire leg.

I don't know if this is the most effective product out there, but it seems gentle, and frankly anything that can take on the cannon bone crud without burning off your horses skin earns a spot in my bathing bucket.

I don't know what makes it extreme though.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing backflips while I apply it, or perhaps use it while skydiving....  Frankly the bottle design looks like they just stole some Paul Mitchell and photoshopped their name onto it.
Paul Mitchell called - they want their bottle back.

All in all though - a thumbs up and worth a try.


  1. Ooo! I need to pick some up for my itchy mare! She is always itchy no matter what I try (thus far) so I should try that and see if things improve! I am planning on showing her some next year and I am not a fan of the roach, but if she rubs out 1/2 of her mane again next year like she did this year, I may have no other choice...

  2. Lol knew that bottle design looked familiar! What are the ingredients? Lots of mystery stuff or is it really tea tree?

  3. Sounds like good stuff. Tea tree is good for skin.

  4. Totally looks like Paul Mitchel!!!

    Glad it worked well!!

  5. Omg. Prize table and backflips? ROFL.

  6. Lol I'm sure they definitely meant for it to be applied while skydiving, I mean honestly, who DOESN'T apply fungal shampoo that way? ;-)


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