Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tack Ho Bat Signal

(For the record I remembered making this graphic, but couldn't find it on my blog or in my archives so I was thrilled when googling "tack ho bat signal" took me straight to an old post from 2012. God Bless the Interwebz).

ba-na-na-na-na-na-na-na TACK HO!

Anyyyyyyway.... I know most folks have seen Sprinkler Bandit's fun Dream Horse contest, so I probably don't need to do a full spiel for most of you. 

If you blog under a rock and don't know SB, well then, link to her site and check it out.


I'm still on the fence with patent leather taking over the world (bridles, field boots, girths(serious question mark), etc).  But I do have to admit that the Calypso Collection makes my heart pitter patter. 

I have (obviously) been hypothetically shopping for hypothetical boots we can rock in the rated Equitation ring, for the hypothetical day we are actually in the rated Equitation ring...  I love the traditional look of beautiful leather boots with beautiful natural fleece, but am put off by a few things.

1) Real fleece = pain in the ass to keep up. Especially when caked in sand and sweat.

2) Real leather = pain in the ass to keep up.  Especially when caked in sand and sweat.

3) Light Colored fleece looks stupid on Prair's legs.  Looks sloppy and all wrong.

4) Why these boots all cost more than my bridle, girth and martingale combined - I do not know.

So, I have continued my hypothetical search.  My Tack Ho Heart sort of thinks that Patent might be the "slightly different" look I've been searching for without totally defying the Hunter World Style Gods and getting dismissed from a class for a taboo outfit....

Also, I like the idea of easy to clean Patent, especially in our soggy, gross environment up here.

But, I'm still at odds with my "why is all the patent on all the things" self.  Not sure I'm 100% sold for the show ring.

However, a fun set of the Calypso's for schooling? Yes please. I think I'd go for Dark Brown patent, with lime green lining and stitching for funsies. 

I'll continue thinking about whether or not Dark Brown patent (with fancy stitching, duh) with a conservative black leather lining would work for the Eq ring.  I hate wearing the exact same thing as everyone else, but it's hard to have a unique style without looking like an overdressed or out of place goober.

Such a fine line...


  1. In hunters, you have to think like a tween: what's the most rebellion I can do without my parents throwing a shit fit.

    Sparkle browband? Too much. Rhinestone belt under my hunt coat? Perfect.

  2. I don't think I'd wear patent in the eq ring, but that's just me. I like the synthetic boots that are in style right now and easy to clean/maintain.

  3. I had this same dilemma with Cuna--he really needed brown fluffy boots, but who wants to spend time cleaning those? And leather is gorgeous on other people's horses... Anyways. I'm loving the patent for now, though I so want the ones with piping. No idea what color.


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