Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh yeah.. Prair's Back

As a quick footnote to yesterday's post, or rather the implication that Prairie is a total nitwit (she is)...

I figure it's only fair to mention that she is jumping like a beast these days.  Yesterday even though the fences were all 2'9"ish, she was literally snapping me out of the tack.  like, trampoline, snapping towel, rubber band snapping me out of the tack.

I guess her back must be feeling better, because woo doggie she is using it.

Currently she's finishing up her Previcox, then we'll see if she stays on it, or if she's built up enough strength to be comfy and continue to use her back correctly without it.

At least something is headed in the right direction!

This is the "before" pic.  Can't wait to see her form change with the new improved back....


  1. Exciting! I want to see some after pictures :)

  2. Glad Prair is feeling better!! Here's to her back continuing to get stronger!!!


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