Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pony Closet Cleanouts!

Okay, so the horse closet cleanout took slightly longer than my human closet efforts (thank god for former roommates who have always been in *slightly* better shape than me - they provide happy homes for all my *slightly* too small sweaters...)

As for the pony pieces.  I have emerged (moderately) victorious.  I think I have cleared enough space in the garage to either allow for new acquisitions, or an ever expanding "Christmas Decor" section.

Anyway.  Here are some of the pieces up for grabs.  As mentioned, I loathe all post office/UPS store situations with an irrational vigor so you can either pay me via PayPal (I think I can figure it out) the listed price which will coerce me to package and ship the item, or mail me an empty mail bag with a return label pre-paid (but no cost for the item).  You pick.

Kensington Fly Sheet: Held for JennDonovan
Catalog Pic
Size 84, worn... maybe 10 times. I honestly don't remember why I stopped using this, but I got a different fly sheet this season and never even took this one out of winter storage.  It's the pretty purple ice color and in great condition.

Belly band is removable if you just want to use the surcingles

I apparently didn't wash it, so there is some dirt/dust on a few straps but that's it.

Approx $130 new, yours for $45 or $0 if you send me a prepaid shipping bag for it.

Wool Quarter Sheet: Held for JennDonovan
mothy holes shown, girth straps just out of frame...

I inherited this from an older Pony Club member when I was in High School because it was in my colors - but I never really used it much since I almost never clipped my horses and it almost never gets super freezing cold here...  It's traditional, has girth straps and I assume would work pretty well.  It does have a few moth holes in it that would keep me from using it at a fancy show or clinic, but it still looks pretty sharp and is serviceable even if it's just to keep dog hair off your car seats.

In terms of fit it worked great on TB's and my last eventer, it's a little too short for Prair.  Measures 49" across the top.

I feel like these things are ~$100 new, but this is not new.  If you lived near me I would just give it to you, but like I said - I hate packaging, so it's $25 for me to mail it out (free if you send me a pre-paid thingy)

Veredus Piaffe Evo Dressage Boots: Held for Mare+Missy
 I bought a full set of these (fronts and hinds) for Prair before I even brought her home.  Turns out I forgot about them and they ended up sitting in a box.  I guess if we haven't used them in two years, we don't need them, though I can only find the fronts for some reason... The hinds must be hiding someplace else...

They have tab closures, which I know some people hate, but I really don't mind them on my t-boots.  They are sized Small, though they fit like regular sized horse boots (Both Pia and Prairie).  Originally these things sold for like $200 a pair.  I think I got them for $150 for the full set. 

$30 takes the pair I can find, with dibs on the hinds whenever they show up (or send me a pre-paid thingy).

Moxie Cavalero Techno Sheet: Stolen by SprinklerBandit

OMG I love this blanket.  I bought it for P1 originally and if we were showing I would not be getting rid of it, But it's a size 78, so too small for P2 or Gus to rock on field trips... It works as a cooler, though the thick, heavy drape of it means it's a really cute dress sheet and the suede texture with "shearling" collar is just too flattering for words.  I got the navy with natural colored trim and think it is the most traditional/dashing which makes me sort of sad to list it here.  P probably wore it 5 times, no more - but someone needs to take this blanket out on the town! 
Catalog Pic in red...
pretty front closures (also catalog pic)

omg. so cozy.
I'm not sure it's even on the market anymore but they use to be around $150 new. 

$50 or send me a pre-paid thingy....

Ancient Big D Stable Blanket: Held for Kitty Kat
Like this, but open front
Okay, this thing has been sitting in my garage for 10 years (albeit sitting clean).  It belonged to my last high school horses which means it's definitely not new, but it's in really good condition and still looks clean. Size 78" and  maroon (with maroon trim).  I used to layer it under a turnout, or use it by itself away at shows. 

$40 (because it's bulky) or send me a pre-paid thingy.

Toklat Stable Blanket: Stolen by SprinklerBandit

78" Hunter Green with black trim, in great shape. I think I picked it up from someone else who wa cleaning out blankets but it never got on the Red Mare...

Sleazy Hood: Held for Appydoesdressage

This thing is hideous. and also... never used.  It came in my trailer (?) so who knows what it's story is. I put it on P once just to see if it fit (it did) but that's it.  I've never used these things so I can't speak to anything other than the eye-blinding pattern. 

I forgot to take a picture of this, but I will... It's black and white and maybe one of those Magic Eye thingies.

$20 to ship or send me a pre-paid thingy....

I have a few more items at the barn that are worth adding to the list (like a Nunn Finer Dressage Girth, sized for Giant Piggy Mare) and maybe some bits and things.  I'll do a round two if I find enough crap!


  1. Replies
    1. If you still have them, I want them!

    2. If you don't want them in the end, I call dibs!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Scratch that...I forgot my paypal is linked to my other email...bdsmissy@gmail.com

  2. Dibs! Can I have dibs on the boots (If Mare (+Missy) hasn't taken them?!?! Also would like your sleezy. Want to the size of your dressage girth too, let me know jenndietzel at gmail dot com!

    1. I'll get you pics of sleezy and girth this week :)

  3. Oooh Big-D stable blanket is my lady's size.... still available?

    1. Sorry, much as I want it, one too many bills hit the fan this month, i'm going to have to pass :)

  4. Ah feed reader y u so slow!! Very generous of you, great deals.

  5. Dibs on the fly sheet and quarter sheet? I can't use them right this moment, but I know of some verrrrrry deserving rescue horses that can! :)

    1. Great! They are currently yours. :)

    2. Awesome! Helping Hearts Equine Rescue in Perrineville, NJ thanks you! Please let me know when you figure out the PayPal thing....or is it easier to create a pre-paid shipping bag?

  6. Man I missed out!

    Do another! :)

  7. I would like the size giant dressage girth if still available! :-)

  8. I missed out big time! That techno sheet looks awesome.

  9. Wow, that went fast!!! I must stalk blogger more often....

  10. How do I pay you? I can't seem to find your PayPal thing, or where to send your pre-paid box :(
    You can email me personally if that's easiest! donovan dot jenn40 at gmail dot com

  11. would like to buy the moxie techno sheets please


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