Thursday, January 9, 2014

My God, This Must Be Heaven???

In my daily internet trolling I stumbled across something remarkable - the greatest store known to man.

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this or not, and I admittedly I stumbled across it on Jezebel (not exactly know for it's overly "horsey" content...) but holy crap some woman is living my dream.

The Galloping Grape is actual proof that I am not a special snowflake and that there is a whole demographic of people who really want to shop for their horses... and their wine....

Ideally in the same place.

I mean, I find the holiday "shopping party" at our local tack store spectacular enough whereby you meander around the store shopping and sipping on what undoubtedly is the cheapest sparkling wine available.

But an entire store dedicated to saddles and wine!??? Dangerous.  As in, there-goes-my-whole-paycheck-and-sobriety sort of dangerous.

Hats off the proprietor.  I can only wish that this business model gains popularity and someone decides to replicate it out West....


  1. GIRLS TRIP!!!!

    Well, once you're drinking again... you know...

  2. This makes perfect sense, as I need lots of wine before I am okay actually purchasing expensive saddle.

  3. haha yes I saw that yesterday. I thought "what an ingenious marketing decision, you can sell more saddles by getting people drunk."

  4. Drunk horse people buy expensive things much easier hahaha!!

  5. Wow, what an odd and yet compelling business model!

  6. I will say that all I really crave now that I'm pregnant is ALCOHOL.

    Before getting pregnant, my drink of choice was water with a slice of lemon.

    Now that I can't have it, I desperately want a margarita.

    Life is cruel.

  7. The owner is really nice too! I bought a saddle from her a couple years ago.

  8. Maybe she will franchise??? Call and ask!!!


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