Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HP Confession

I totally forgot to repent my Hunter Princess crimes yesterday when I was all busy posting cute pictures of my ponies and talking about how I can waste a weekend without even riding... oops.

So, next door to Gus' home, is a really lovely HJ show barn.  I won't lie, the head trainer there totally terrifies me so while there is an appeal of having Prair and Gus share a fence line... it's never gonna happen.

Anyway, when I popped out on Saturday I noticed that there was more of a crowd than usual, and tents! big pretty white tents like a show!  Pregnancy brain in full force I spent probably 30 minutes dilly dallying around before I remembered that HRH George Morris was doing a full weekend clinic and it was open to audit.

There was about a twenty second pause as I contemplated whether I should go sit and watch and listen to Mr. Morris, or drive down to see Prair, eat some fast food and pet her nose.

Obviously I chose the latter, but I'm not sure I should be proud of it.

Though maybe all I need to know from George, I've already learned from the internet.... no?


  1. Haha! Last I checked, auditing George cost like $100/day, so I'd just mark it off as your first budget conscious decision of the weekend. ;-)

  2. I've gone the last two years now at Rich Feller's place. Next time I think I will watch the lower level instead of the upper two. Because I think I might get more out of it, being closer (though way far) from where I'm at. The first year I was like OoOOoAAAHhHHH. This year I was like, meh. I already heard all that before - plus, I think he's less mean to Olympians, etc. ;D


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