Friday, September 18, 2015

Pack. Your. Bags. (and try to make them a carryon)

I could type this post, but I think it's another good candidate for EMOJI POST (so kawaii!!)

We are going to Germany.
(Hamburg Germany to be specific, if you didn't pick up on that)
and we are looking at HORSES.
...Hey Brad.  (winky face)


  1. Totes jelly dot com, blog all about it so we can drool on our keyboards!

  2. Ditto L... Totally jelly! I hope you have so much fun and find a lovely horse!

  3. Oh jealousy is strong in this one, that is SO awesome. Please Please PLEASE do blog updates so we can see the Brad's!!!

  4. Oh man, take me with you!! I will babysit :-P

  5. Oh man! So excited! Food and ponies! And wine and beer! Can't wait to follow along


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