Sunday, October 25, 2015

Summer Vacation... in Fall

Once again, me and my ability to collect horses with special needs - have been bailed out by one of our oldest, dearest friends. 

Lacking the significant improvement we were hoping for at Prair's September check-up, my vet gave me a look that said "thanks for continuing to write me checks... but I really don't need to look at your (still) lame horse this often.."

Well, shit.

Enter Plan B (or is it F or G at this point?), a slightly long-er term layup at our friend's barn up North. 

With a still positive flexion test on the books, I made plans to pack up Prair's bags and send her to a lovely Summer House... just in time for winter.

The plan is to give her (more) time on stall rest - though she is allowed to make us of a small run! - and then see where we are in the new year. 

Moving her (to our savior's farm) allows us to significantly reduce Prair's bills (she wasn't really making use of that "full training") which is the only way we can afford the (possible) addition of another horse to the herd.  (Also, it's possible The Boy has requested that while we can have more than one horse... maybe we only have one in active full training at a time... I guess that's fair)
It's just like the Jitney...
Moving Prair buys us some time to see what her future holds - will she come back sound? She's certainly comfortable at this point, but who knows under what circumstances she'll stay that way.  I'd be lying if I wasn't hoping that D is able to work her magic "somehow I get horses sound when no one else can" magic, but you know.... no pressure

I do know that I trust her implicitly, she has great horse sense, a great team of service providers and manages to make even the most difficult beasts somewhat personable and friendly (see - Pia). 

oh right, Pia.  Remember her? Well when the special red mare made it known that she would not be stalled D was our savior again in providing a flexible, lovely home while we figured out wth to do with her. 

Oh, and when we had to move Gus but didn't know where we were going to land? D to the rescue... He had a fun stopover at her farm as well.

And if we're going way back, D also inherited and adored the original Pony that started all these adventures back when we were barely teenagers (that cranky old pony was with us until just a couple years ago btw)

So yes, if there's anyone I trust to watch over the Big Mare while she enjoys her convalescence... it's her.

She's farther away now (though D pointed out not that much farther away than I already drive to the barn...) but hopefully we'll still get to go kiss her lovely nose and give her some love - though I know she isn't lacking in that department...

Enjoying the new view
(also, can we discuss her sexy topline even after all this time off???)


  1. You could always breed her if she doesn't return to full work ;)

  2. God Bless people with property/barns that take out problem children for us. I have an old trainer in GA with 2 of mine that broke. It's an awesome home for them and relief for me that their so well cared for.

  3. Lots and lots of luck with Prair and that she recovers!

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  4. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to have her moved - better than paying $$$!!!

  5. D sounds like an excellent friend and resource - glad to hear Prairie is comfortable and happy there too. wishing you good luck!

  6. Happy holidays Miss Prairie, I hope the D magic land works for your beautiful girl.
    My mother's family farm is a bit like that, if anything were to happen to my girls that meant I could ride but that they could be shipped back to Ireland. They'd be on the first ferry "home" (well ot would be home for Nancy who was born there & Kika did live there 3 years)


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