Thursday, August 22, 2013

The P

Guess who I saw yesterday?

The Big P.  
(I don't know where her ears went..)

I drove up north for a fun lunch with my friend (who is graciously looking after the red mare) and got to see the beast and cover her beak in smooches.  In all honestly, she looks fabulous.  She's fat (sorta) and relaxed and dare I say even sweet...

She seems to be enjoying her life with another big semi-retired mare and two adorable ponies.  Her feet are bare and look pretty darn good, her ribs are covered and her neck is thick.

P's been getting worked a few times a week out in the big field and seems to be doing ok with it.  She's not working into a frame or anything to that extent, but seems ok moving out and just pushing forward. 

It was great to see her in such a happy state.  No ears pinned, lots of snuggles and a much, much softer eyeball.

It's nice to know she's in the right place.  At least for now :)


  1. she's so pretty it's insane <3

  2. She looks so happy in that photo <3

  3. Glad she's fat and happy. Sometimes that's all we can ask. :)

  4. Awe sounds like a great lunch trip! I bet she loved seeing you too!

  5. Fat and happy! Doesn't get better than that.


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