Thursday, August 8, 2013

All Clear

prairie headed out to an empty warmup field

Yesterday was Prair's first day at the show and my inconvenient operation. Thankfully both went well and while she probably had to work a lot harder, I'm thinking she probably feels a bit better this morning.

Truth be told I feel pretty good. Good enough to be trying to bribe my husband to chauffeur me out to watch a round or two :)

Prair did actually have a great day. Her divisions are huge relative to what we're used to (both about 15 horses) and the caliber of competition is much higher. So I'm super proud of her 2nd in her 3' Non-TB Hunter Under Saddle (sidenote- cant believe thats actually a division). She also snagged a 5th and 6th in her first two Non-TB courses.

The Pre-Green division is STACKED. Holy wow. I think Prair might be the plainest horse out there. Regardless she pinned 6th under saddle, and 7th and 9th over fences.

S assures me that her ribbons don't reflect how awesome she feels, but I'm thrilled with her first few placings a at her first big AA show!

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  1. Glad you are out and feeling well! The non-TB division is a leftover from the days when EVERY hunter was a Thoroughbred. It gave non-TB types a chance to not get out shined by the standard. Now that every hunter is a warmblood, I'm kind of surprised they still have it!

  2. ^What texas says, now that every hunter is a warmblood they have TB only divisions and shows lol. Glad everything went well for you and Prair!

  3. I can't imagine Prairie being plain!

  4. Must be crazy crazy nice horses there if they are making prairie look plain?! You should be proud of her placings. She's doing awesome. Very glad you're in the clear. It'll be you stealing all the ribbons on prair at the next show!

  5. Yahoo Prairie!!! Go girl! Can't wait to hear more about how she's doing!

    Hope your surgery goes/went well! Hugs!

  6. So fun for her! Less fun for you. ;)

  7. /glad your surgery went well and prairie is doing well. I would love to see a class of horses that make her look plain, good grief. :)

  8. Glad to hear the surgery went well! Hope you continue to heal and recover in no time. =-)


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