Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photographic Evidence

If I forgot to mention it D came out to watch my second ride last Saturday (she was potentially having more fun with her Haflinger at an Eventing camp down the road..) but she did.
She's also the one responsible for all the shutter clicking you hear on the video.
here are a few of my favorite shots she captured!

Getting ready to go in.. we wasted our best leg yield outside the court.  lol

a bit tense

A bit less tense..

Free walk, we suffered a 4 on this!!

ZOOM! no idea where we were headed here...

Final lengthening.  Rather downhill, but a 7

done and done.

Sleepy mare.

miraculously (still) white breeches.


  1. How did you get a 4 on the freewalk? Haha. That's a Cuna score.

  2. You look so fancy! That girl can definitely lengthen.


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