Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Better Round

another blurry video still
 I like YouTube for lots of things, but sometimes I get in fights with it and this was one of those.  Never fear though, S prevailed and we now have the second round that I (really, really) liked live.

It looks remarkably like every other round but Prair looks so.... relaxed - dare I say lazy? What a good girl.

Our next outing is a B show after Labor Day, basically three weeks out.  If I get my butt back in the saddle and things continue smoothly, I'll bump up to the 2'9"'s (ooooohhhhh, ahhhhhhh) and S will aim for the 3'3" Pre Greens instead of 3'.  There's a decided lack of other fun classes at this show (no medals, classics, etc) but it's usually quite a bit smaller and hopefully a good move up opportunity assuming my insides keep healing and I can ride like a functional human. 

Despite being grounded I managed to spend almost 3 hours at the barn yesterday.  I organized my lockers, rolled up wraps, and cleaned (and oiled!) lots and lots and lots of tack. Amazing how dirty one can get without actually grooming/riding a horse...


  1. I really hope you continue to heal quickly and completely, I want you to move up and show!

  2. Little victories. I'm excited for the big move up! Prair needs bigger jumps to really show off that gorgeous body of hers.

  3. Your tack will be sparkling when you get back in the saddle!

    Take it ease and heal quickly- were all excited to see you kill it at your next show :)

  4. She looks awesome!

    Here's to you healing so that you can show in a couple weeks!

  5. Wow! That WAS a really nice round. She is looking like so much fun to ride.

  6. "It looks remarkably like every other round..." well duh, it should in the hunters right? ;) I have quiet horse envy, Gogo used to lope around courses like that but O is, uhh... just not that quiet.
    Get well soon!!

  7. Ooooo she looks fabulous! Love her ground covering stride.


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