Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Battle Plan

OK.  Yet again..

Nothing new yet, but I do have an actual plan of attack for the Piasaurous.

Things I'm currently considering as factors for "The Tantrums"
  • Pain.  Not sure where, there's no obvious soreness, but maybe something is kicking in under saddle that I can't find on the ground.  Solution? Bute-ing her up for a couple days and seeing if anything is masked.
  • Overfed.  I've been slowing amping up her rice bran and envision, both of which have LOTS of cals.  Maybe I'm making her insane. Cutting that back as of tonight and seeing what happens. 
  • Saddle Fit.  Maybe its the saddle? We don't have our built for P saddle yet... (it's coming, I swear!) but we've been using the BO's Custom, which fits really well.  But I'll check again. sigh.
  • Hormones.  I could swear on a stack of bibles that the mare was JUST IN HEAT. but maybe its hormones.  Solution? As soon as the new smart pack gets here, its all Easy-Mare-Gold, all the time. (this should be next week...).  Oh, also, her gelding neighbor just moved across the aisle... so any and all temptation that Ruby presented, is gone now.
I think that's it.  Those are my top priorities.  Today will be the first bute, and hopefully it won't be a magic bullet.  I can only take so many spine problems in one horsey... :)

If she's still a crazy-town mare today and tomorrow, (per SuperMom's suggestion) I'm giving her a few days off, letting her crazy work out (hopefully its food related) and we'll start back up next week. 

Speaking of SuperMom, I had a good chat with her today on brainstorming about Miss P's apparent issues.  It's always helpful to hear her input and always helpful to get some perspective on P's history and where she's been before... All in all good.

But, I did agree (and I will be threatening P) with a visit from her if Pia does get her act together this week.... It's always good to have at least one ace in your pocket, right??

Long story short, I'm headed out tonight for a lesson, it's flipping GORGEOUS out, so I can't wait to be at the barn.  And I'm feeling like I have (at least a short term plan) regarding some possible explanations for this crazy behavior.

Cross you fingers...!


  1. I've had good luck with Mare Magic - cheap and it's just raspberry leaves.

    Good luck - we're all rooting for you and the mare!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you! I think this plan sounds like a good one, I hope you can figure it out soon.

  3. I get Cocosoya oil at the gift horse. Good calories, and no crazies!!

  4. Gingham-

    My horse went completely crazy when I supplemented rice bran (Amplify)... we use Seabuck now for omegas and fatty acids - have for over three months - his coat is shiny, he has burst out with dapples, his digestion is fantastic - and he is c-a-l-m.

    Can't say about any underlying physical issues, but she sounds to me like she is in pain. Being jacked up may be exacerbating her response?!

    Good luck :)

  5. P.S.

    It took several weeks after stepping down off of the rice bran to see the change :)

  6. One more thought (sorry, I've been thinking about your mare!)... have you ever tried putting her on Gastroguard for ulcers?


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