Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What The Cuss.

Typically, I pride myself on having an incredibly in tact immune system.   I get a bad cold once a year and maybe, maybe  some sniffles at some other season change - But I don't get the flu (this is a FACT), and I don't ever get sick otherwise (my stomach is lined with steel, another fact that I test on a regular basis..).

Which leads to the exceptionally confusing situation of me being sick.


What the cuss.

I already had a bad cold.  I already carried my cup of tea around like it was affixed to my hand permanently.  I already took days off from riding to "watch" P get worked by the BO while I inhaled cough drops like they were skittles.

Which makes this current scratchy throat, achy-crap totally unacceptable. (oh, and it also makes me sorta cranky)

So, yet again I will be heading to the barn (finally! it's been 4 days) with my tea affixed to my hand in an attempt to ride.  I already gave the BO a heads up that my brain might explode (along with my back) if P needs a hard ride, but if a soft easy session is in order, I'm up for it.

Waaaah, I'm tired, and cranky, and might have consumed an unhealthy amount of Constant Comment Tea...  But, I get to see the mareface today! Which makes it a pretty good day in my book...


  1. I just got over the flu myself -- it's awful! I hope you just have a really nasty cold and not the flu. Feel better!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. I haven't been able to shake the tail end of a nasty cold for a couple weeks now. No fun at all.


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