Monday, November 22, 2010

For the Love of Mares (and Denali)

As I watch the snow fall (and pile) outside my office window, it's easy to think about the calm, restful quiet of the season and the muffled sounds of the barn when winter takes hold.

I haven't seen my mare since Friday, and I'm itching to race to the barn and warm my hands under her blanket which makes me stop, pause and think about why I've been so stressed out about our difficulties under saddle.

Of course I would love to have a ragingly loyal competition horse, one that allowed me to trailer her all over the place and show people just how amazing she is.  But on a frosty day like this one, it's a little easier to remember that showing isn't why I got Miss Pia, and it isn't what drives my early morning rides, late night grooming, or religious daily check-in on

What drives me, and my time and my energy (and let's be honest - my hard earned $$$) is the simple, joyful love of feeling the mare's breath in my ear or her muzzle on my shoulder.

It's that thought that makes me pause, and consider the blessing and happiness that our animals bring us, and it reminds me to cherish every moment of it.  If you don't already follow her, Denali's Mom is working through the ebb and flow of our commitment to our animals.

We all know what's coming when we welcome them into our lives, but rarely means that we are prepared to face it head on.  DM's struggle hits particularly close to home since I got a taste of the "end game" options for P when we were attempting to diagnose and understand her own neurological issues.  The thought of Pia losing her ability to be a horse was a heartbreaking one, and possibly the most difficult scenario for me to deal with.

I know that I could ramble about the "couldda beens" and "maybes" all day.  Instead, I simple hang my humble head thankfully that P is there for my kisses, and send my love and support to DM.

Hug your horses, and remember why we share our lives with them.

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  1. i love this post, & i'm going to check out denali's mom's blog. i wish we got snow in auckland, i'd love to snuggle up in my horses blanket with him, sounds so sweet.


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