Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only for the EXTRA nerdy...

Thankfully for me, my brother falls in the "extra nerdy" category and he sits next to me at work.  So while I often try to get him to appreciate something obscure and horsey (OMG, look at that EXTENSION!!!), he often offers equally obscure comments on nerdy articles, or games coming out or some such thing (I don't actually know what he's talking about, I just nod)

Today, however, he whipped this gem of a video out, which even I could appreciate.  Apparently some uber-geek took the time to set the opening cut scenes from the game Starcraft to footage from My Little Pony episodes. (LOL)

I must admit that I'm fairly entertained by how well this is put together and all the serious drama that these pastel little ponies seem to portray.  Even if you've never seen a minute of Starcraft, this is funny to watch.

I also love the idea of some expert-gamer-geek sifting through SEVENTEEN My Little Pony episodes to perfectly piece this thing together...

enjoy and remember - Friendship is MAGIC!


  1. Oh my goodness, the gamer-geek/horse-lover in me is just in total awe! I don't know if I want to go find some episodes of My Little Pony to watch, or if I want to go play some Starcraft. I love it!

  2. OH MY HELL that was so much goodness I don't know where to start! I'll settle with LOL:)

    Also, what does it say about movie trailers today that you can basically splice My Little Pony episodes together and into something that makes about as much sense as any of them?

  3. Also? I have no idea what Starcraft is:)

  4. Proud to be your brother, sister!

  5. I have a friend who is a Blizzard employee. He posted this to his Facebook the other day, with the caption "STARCRAFT IS RUINED FOREVER!"

    I just had to laugh at him.

  6. WOW. I don't know anything about starcraft and I never watched My Little Pony, but that trailer is definitely an epic WIN.

  7. That is HILARIOUS, and so well done! I've never seen either, and it was totally believable that those cute little ponies were going to war. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to Geek Gamer!

  8. That doesn't look like the my little ponies I grew up watching lol. They did a good job putting the Starcraft sounds on the cartoon though. :)


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