Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Funday

After Saturday's down time with Denali's Mom, Sunday was more downtime with my mom and then the mare.  We baked cookies, defrosted left over horsey cookies and watched about 18 episodes of "say yes to the dress."  I know it's beyond inane, but something about that show is wildly addicting to me.   I can't tell if it's the trainwreck see-through dresses, or the mega-family-drama, or the crazy brides, but it's addicting.  all nicely packed into 20 minutes!  love it!

Anyway, something about the pace of the day and the on again, off again stormy weather had me in the mood to just play with the mare.  Groom her up all sparkly, let her run loose and then just sit quietly for a bit. 

The barn was quiet and dark when I got there, the horses were all finishing up lunch and it felt like all sorts of a Sunday afternoon.  I keep hoping that there will be a mini Poppet scampering around when I show up, but the mare is patiently waiting and holding that giant baby in for all it's worth.
patient mama
P was happily munching in her shed, which might be the first time I've ever seen her stand under cover while it was raining.  That mare feels some obligation to be outside at all times when it's raining (which is quite often in Seattle..).  I don't know if she thinks that she's keeping a lookout for the rest of the herd, or if she just likes the way it drips down her face.  Either way, I was surprised to see her standing in her shed.  Also unusual? the mare normally walks (or trots) up to me when I open her paddock without much of a delay.  But yesterday I clucked, and clucked, called her name, and clucked... all to no avail.  When I finally stomped down to her shed, I figured it out.

Slow Feeder.

The BO has constructed the first "corner" versions of her slow feeders for the stalls, so Riley's big bale sized box got placed in P's shed and she has been obsessed ever since.  I guess this shouldn't come as much of a surprise, since the mare is also obsessed with lick-its, hanging balls and anything else she can slowly attempt to eat/fight with.

I was pleased to see that she seems to be working with the box quite well and so far she seems to be consuming at about the right amount...  Though we will have to stay tuned, as she's a quick learner and might start hoovering the food out of the box somehow...

Once I managed to pull P's nose away from her new toy, I spent some time polishing the girl up and continuing to remove vast amounts of fur from her body.  I don't know why, but she refuses to just shed out like a normal horse.  She's trickling enough fur to clump all over pads and her girth and everything I wear, but not enough to actually get the damn job done.  It's infuriating.. but I digress.

Like I said, it felt like a lazy day, so I opted to just do some groundwork and let the mare play in the arena by herself.  She's been really respectful lately, not testing the waters with me on the ground at all, no attempts to escape, very - dare I say- obedient?  So our groundwork went well.  I took her halter off and chased her away to go play, which she refused to do.

Instead, she snorted at the mirrors (first time she's EVER cared about the pretty horse in the mirror..) and kept just trotting back to me.  So I'd send her away, she'd snort at the mirrors, then trot back to me.

She's easily impressed...
 It took a few minutes to convince her to go play by herself (but not with herself in the mirror).  As always, she ended up circling up around me and keeping herself on a nice 20 meter circle.  I dug my iphone out (excellent video I know) and recorded a couple minutes just to document her movement.

This is her right side (mostly canter, some nice trot) and I can tell that she's really starting to move a little better.  Way less tension in that right hind and more capable of stepping under.  Yay! Progress!

Afterward, we did a little groundwork without her halter, which is always affirming and exceptionally entertaining for me.  P can be such a sweet girl when she wants to.  Maybe that's why I get so offended when she's not.  :)
sweet mare behaves occasionally...
Finally, it started absolutely POURING out, which nixed my plans for a walk and some hand grazing, so instead we just waited out the downpour until P deemed it suitable to walk back to the barn.

Not impressed with the weather.
It was a nice afternoon.  I have pangs of guilt for not actually riding, but I keep telling myself no one else cares, least of all P...


  1. Do you do anything special with her tail, or is she naturally blessed with those gorgeous locks? I have tail envy. Tucker has to wear a wig for the shows.

  2. lol. She's mostly blessed. I am a CHRONIC tail-envier, so I'm thrilled that she grows one. :) The only thing I do is *not touch it* all winter while she gets it all gross and grimey. My attempts to comb it out only hurt it... so I wait until spring when I can shampoo and show shine the hell out of it on a regular basis :) Alhtough, Denali's Mom just made us a funner tail bag that will be worn as soon as I rinse that bad boy off... Love tail wigs, btw ;)

  3. I wonder if a Furminator would work on a horse...

  4. Pia's so dang cute-and such a great mover:) Glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  5. There is nothing wrong with not riding. It's nice to do something different occasionally. :) I enjoyed watching the video.


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