Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remind me to Read This Post...

The next time I'm feeling like I'm at the end of my rope, would someone PLEASE make me reread this post. Ok thanks.

Friday was lovely. It was sunny and warm and since I dropped the Boy off at the airport for a boys weekend away, I had nothing scheduled but playing with the pony and catching up on sleep, which was a beyond exciting proposition.

The barn was abandoned when I got there which sorta surprised me, but meant that I would get to see if P's good behavior from Wednesday would hold up without a buddy in the ring to keep her calm.

P didn't seem to mind and aside from one hairy eyeball she gave the mounting block...

She. Was. A. Gem.

She didn't stop once when we were warming up, she 'bravely' trotted past all scary spots in the ring and her ears stayed soft from start to finish.

It wasn't our most spectacular work, but it was a really productive ride. I felt like I was able to ask more of P in terms of transitions and figures instead of sticking to big, sweeping, looping movements.

I threw in some simple changes that would have caused a mini explosion back in December and even worked in some leg yields maintaining a fairly soft and low frame.

It was satisfying to feel like even with my increased demands and working the entire ring (scary parts and all), that Pia never felt 'on the edge.' I felt safe, secure, and totally in control.

After one excellent zig zagging leg yield, I pulled my tack and threw the mare out to graze in the last bits of the sunshine. She shoved every bit of fresh grass she could find in her fat little lips as her totally normal and not at all anxious sweat pattern dried out. It was a nice quiet moment, that is until mosquitoes the size of small crows started swooping in relegating me to the role of fly swatter. :)

Happy mare. Happy human.

Afterward, It was back to my folks place for a nice big pasta dinner and gorgeous Seattle sunset. Having just gotten our loft up on the market, we're back in the parents basement which makes me feel a bit like I'm home from college again.

I'm not complaining mind you- a girl can get used to living in this house, and since we're preparing to move into the house next door, we can also get used to the view....

Back to the barn today!

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  1. Great report and awesome ride!

  2. Glad it went so well! I have entries like this that I make myself re-read when I'm at the end of my rope.

  3. Yes! I love this post. I love that P gave you some goodness. Sweet mare :)
    Oh, and I totally have to admit that I think of y'all everytime Pia on American Idol sings! Lol

  4. Wheee, good mare! :) Sounds like a great weekend.

  5. Sounds like a lovely ride. I just love spending quiet weekend days with my horse. Nothing better. On balance, I prefer the view of Pia grazing to the view of the water. :)

  6. That is awesome!! So what saddle were you using? I'm glad she did so well. :D


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