Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Show Season Scheduling, or scheduling a season of shows?

Showing a season of schedules?  I can't really tell what order that's supposed to be in, but there are a lot of shows that I am interested in this season but they all seem to be scheduled next to, on top of or under each other, which when combined with a personal calendar makes it very difficult to come up with a game plan.  If I pick my favorites I end up with two sets of three weeks with back to back to back outings, then then months of nothingness.  Obviously not ideal so I need to get a bit more creative in my planning.  I tried looking back to my 2013 goals for guidance, but they don't really solve any major questions...

As a refresher here are Prairie's 2013 goals.  I'm omitting Pia because right now her show fund is empty due to a 28 day order of Gastro Gard that's currently stuck in the east coast blizzard.

- Attend at least one recognized dressage show in 2013.
Okay, Right.  Doable.  I found two recognized dressage shows that would check the first box.  They are at a facility I like and fairly close to home.  Should be possible. 

- Break 70% at Training Level and 65% at First Level.  Also, show First Level 3
Dressage scores... will need some dressage shows to collect those. Right now I have 10 potential dressage shows.  We will not be attending them all.  But I think we'll open the season with Training 3 and FL1...  I'm not talking about FL3 yet.  It still scares me.

- Get our changes 80% of the time 
 Changes. Bah. Who knows. Don't care.  Doesn't impact show scheduling except that I don't need to be chasing the A circuit before they are at least 80%. 

- Attend at least FOUR overnight Hunter Shows. 
Just have to pick 4.  Right now I have like 11 possibilities that are mostly local. All but one are B or C shows which makes the outings slightly more affordable while we are still learning the ropes.

- Move Up to 3' Adult Hunters
 3' division.  Shouldn't be a problem.  The height isn't anyway.  Just a matter of when we get our changes pulled together so we don't look like absolute fools..  Not that looking foolish has ever stopped us before.

So yeah.  Consulting the goals leaves me about where I stared in terms of total scheduling chaos.  In an attempt to create organization where there was none, I printed out some monthly calendars and attempted a color coded show calendar.  Sadly I forgot what color went with what discipline or what facility and I ended up creating a very colorful, albeit not very helpful packet.  Usually a color coded calendar solves anything.  or at least it's never failed me before. bah.

For the moment I am going to send my options to my trainer.  Let her tell me what shows she can support me at, and then I'll start narrowing it down.  Obviously I'm not going to 20 shows this summer so choices will be made.

I'm just not quite sure how or when yet.   

If only I remembered what the green pen was supposed to mean...


  1. I have trouble just figuring out my dressage show schedule - schooling shows at that. Looks like you will have a busy fun summer ahead!

  2. I'm jealous - I haven't even begun to think about what I may or may not be doing, because I don't know which horse I'm going to be riding (or not).

    Sounds like you guys have a busy schedule, though!

  3. I'm just looking at taking my pony to a few local schooling shows this summer for the experience. Next year, however, I plan on showing her a lot more :)

    Since you're an old pony clubber, if you enjoyed the experience, have you considered joining a local Horsemaster's program? You get to go to rallies and stuff and show on a team. If I wasn't recovering from having twins, was able to leave said twins for a night, and the pony was in better shape I'd totally take her to the dressage rally at Donida in April. It's also just fun getting together with a bunch of horse crazy adults and laughing at ourselves for whatever silly things our horses made us do in the previous month.

  4. I love me some color coded calendarization.

  5. LOL!!!!! That's why you are supposed to write a code key! Hehehehe! Sounds like your poor brain just needs a break thinking about schedules lol. :D

  6. PS. Why aren't there any horse trials or XC schooling days on your calendar? ;)


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