Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bubble. Wrapped.

One of my profound abilities as a horse owner is to *always* find something to spend dollars on.  Always.

It is my inalienable truth.  Money.  Spend it.

Overlay this with my (totally inaccurate) notion that a horse on stall rest is somehow "saving" me money.

For obvious reasons, this is not the case.  Just because we're not showing doesn't mean we aren't still eating (lots), and racking up vet bills (see previous post) faster than I could ever spend my funds at a show.

Anyway, a compulsion to shop, plus *feeling* like I'm somehow not horrifically over budget means Prairie gets a care package.

Mostly I can blame this one on Supermom, since when having lunch with her last week and listening to me ramble on endlessly about Prair's foot, and omg what about her back, and did you know MRIs are so subjective??? I didn't, but that's horses, does navicular make sense to you? I guess it does to me, but I just don't want to deal with a horrible soft tissue injury.... blah blah blah"

So amid that, somehow she interrupted me and asked if I wast getting my Back on Track wraps on the mare.

And somehow I stopped talking (and eating) long enough to say "huh?  No."

But she had a good idea.  With both the soft tissue strains, and the navicular fragmentation, our challenge is increasing circulation to the area in order to promote healing.

Which.... is just what BoT claims their products help do.  (face smack).

I shot a text to my vet to just make sure she didn't have any concerns with me covering the mare in BoT and then promptly got my ass on SmatPak.

So, Prair is now wearing her BoT Mesh Sheet at night (we already had one of these for her back), and then wearing her new Quick Wraps and Bell Boots during the day (except for when she's walking).  That would give nice BoT coverage for everything we may or may not be concerned about while she's all cooped up.

Naturally I ordered everything in every size and spent the morning down at the barn treating Prair like Cinderella until we sorted it all out.
The mare was convinced that wraps = trailer, so she promptly got all excited and circled around like a crazy lady until I produced a handful of treats.  Baby and I finished grooming the mare to a shine, did some carrot stretches for her back, and then watched some other ponies get worked before heading home.

Prair is scheduled for her second shockwave tomorrow, which I'll miss since I have some meetings, but so far stall rest is going well.  If you didn't know she was on rest, you'd never guess.  She's fat, and shiny and looks like a million bucks.  Also, her brain seems to be doing okay as well.  She's still calm and happy and social in her stall - no signs of craziness or anxiety.



  1. glad she's doin well on stall rest! and yay for new pony products!

  2. Beware of too much time in the BoT stuff. I like the product, but it gave Simon permanent scarring on his hocks when I had it on him for several hours at a hot/humid horse show. He now has white spots where the wraps were!

    1. I think that scarring or white hairs will only appear if they slip or are not adjusted. Houston's slipped when I first bought them and there were some rubs and then I figured out the best way to adjust. The hock boots were the only ones to cause any issues.

  3. Thiiiiiings! Love things.

    I find it hilarious she associated wraps with trailer. Funny.

    Also, to comment on last post (reinstatemetn)...SO informative! I had no idea there were so many tiers and qualifications! cool!

  4. BoT told me that if you leave the sheet on 24hrs just take it off 24hrs. So essentially however long it's on leave it off. Made sense to me and that schedule always worked for Houston. (I had no bows not quick wraps). I hope the BoTing helps!

  5. "Money. Spend it."
    Spoken like a true tack-ho mom :)

    Hope Prair's shockwave goes well!

  6. I want a BoT sheet. You have one, so obviously it's thoroughly researched and a good idea.

  7. I'm glad she's handling stall rest well!


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