Friday, August 15, 2014

First Steps

Sat with the mare yesterday as she got her first shockwaave treatment and was able to pick my vet's brain a bit more regarding our rehab and overall plan.

(slightly sedated)

Mostly this consisted of me asking lots of repetitive questions and my vet patiently tolerating them while she finagled the shockwave head at an awkward angle so it would target the Navicular...

We also discussed the specific plan for Prair for the next 30 days.  First is some special shoeing.  The mare will get reverse shoes up front to get some extra heel support and bring her breakover waaaaaay back.
reverse shoe.  open side toward toe...
Then we discussed how best to maintain some back strength during her layup. Ideally the vet wants Prair jogging nicely for a few minutes a day, but the Eurosizer has mats as footing and there's a scary risk of slippage if we tried to jog her in there.  Lunging is too small of a circle and, well... i don't jog, so jogging in hand isn't an option either.

Finally it seemed best to forgo the jogging and just have 30 minutes of walking in the Eurosizer each day (assuming she stays calm) to break up the stall rest.  Frankly, 30 days isn't that long and I don't think we'll lose too much ground with her back in that time....

So - Funny Shoes.  Daily Walks.  No work.

Sounds like me on maternity leave!


  1. Here's to a speedy and sane 30 days :)

  2. Those 30days will fly by a lot faster then you know!

  3. Those shoes are so interesting.

  4. Good luck with the rehab. It isn't fun to have your horse on stall rest, but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders to get through it. Have you ever thought of going barefoot with her? I know it isn't for everyone and I'm not a trimmer or expert or anything like that. There is a really interesting blog out there (Rockley Farm) from the UK where she has been doing barefoot rehab for navicular and DDFT tears with great success. May be worth looking into for the future.

  5. it will fly by! hopefully enough to keep her from going stir crazy

  6. You can do the back lifts and pelvis tucks every day to help maintain her back strength!!


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