Wednesday, May 6, 2015

holy crap this is going to get boring in a HURRY (more wine)

Even as I was snapping my (typical) pictures of Prair standing in her stall with her head out and munching on grass - I was rolling my eyes and wondering how many more of these things I can actually take.
Activity #2

Here's one with her ears forward!

Here's one with her looking like a total nerd horse.

Here's her eating grass!

grass with our ears forward!

A new blanket on!

etc etc, FML.

So consider this a proactive apology for the EXTREME BORINGNESS that will be the blog for a while. 


In less monotonous news, Prair has had two of her shockwave sessions and is scheduled for a third and some PRP (fly money, FLYYYYY) later this month.

I also maaaaaay have an appointment with a pet psychic on the books, but that clearly is its own post...

Prair also continues to be an obedient and quiet mare so she's still getting daily turnout which makes my heart hurt a little less during this process.

However, she is beating the shit out of her wraps, so I'm investigating alternatives.  She totally tolerates her ice boots and polos, but her standing wraps are apparently a no-go.

Finally the child has started eating shoes (wtf?) and furniture.  So... more wine.


  1. I so feel your pain... stall rest is the worst! It especially sucks when you keep going back and forth from "sound" to "something is wrong". I did both shockwave and PRP on my mare when she tore her ligament, but I didn't have much success with the PRP. The shockwave was miraculous, though, and finally got her across the hump. I hope you have great luck with both procedures!

    As a side note, I really bonded with my mare while she was on stall rest. Because I could do nothing with her except groom her, hand graze her, and give her smooches, we ended up spending a lot of time just enjoying each other's company. So in the end, it wasn't all bad.

    Hang in there!

  2. Wine is always the answer. ALWAYS.

    Sorry that you're going through all of this! Sending positive healing vibes your way.

  3. Cannot wait for the pet psychic post!!!! Stall rest is the suck, but we're still here reading. We can both get creative with content, I mean mine now sits in pasture all day doing nothing on his maternity leave, lol!

  4. So sorry to read this, I hope all goes well with Prair's recovery & I cannot wait for the psychic post!
    Sending supersonic healing vibes & get well soon wishes to your beautiful lady

  5. Glad she's at least still able to get a little turnout! As for eating standing wraps, at the track they put cayenne on the wraps so the horses don't chew on them. Maybe try that?

  6. I am really curious to hear how your pet psychic appointment goes!!! I did that once with my dog and the results were a little freaky! Would love to do one again with my horse, but keep finding other ways to spend the $$.

    1. Ditto! Can't wait for the pet psychic post! I've been thinking about doing one with my mare.

  7. Hm yes. Definitely a pet psychic post. Maybe I need one.

  8. I haven't tried them yet, but I bought some equiflexsleeves at Rolex. They're supposed to replace wraps and seem simple enough. Maybe she wouldn't destroy them?

  9. what a relief that she's able to stick with a little turnout... hope she stays quiet for it! very curious about the pet psychic too!!

  10. Can't wait for the pet psychic post. I used one once. Tucker lied to her.

    Maybe Prairie needs to wear costumes for the photos so they are more interesting? Bet she'd love that.

    Pass the wine?

  11. Can you give the mare some wine? Or the baby? Everyone could benefit from the vino.

  12. Yes! Can't wait for the pet psychic post!


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