Wednesday, May 20, 2015

King of the Derps

I know I mentioned my fun little catch ride, and holy smokes is he kicking my butt - in a good way.  Today I was convinced we were finally going to have one of those rides where I end up in the dirt and he ends up with a crop across his backside, but in sprite of an ominous start, he was a gracious mount for my lesson.  We worked on some tricky (for me) bending line exercises with poles.  I continue to be impressed at how much harder pole work is for me than jumps.  I know why but still, every time it shocks me.  Nothing makes me feel remedial faster than not being able to get to a pole on the ground...

I will say that my core has to be much more engaged on this guy than it does on Prairie, for one thing he's got a sneaky little kick out/lurch/jolt that will get the best of me if I'm sitting like a loose sack of potatoes.  For another, Prair's massive shoulder and neck mean that I can lean off one side or lay down without having a tangible effect on her balance.  With this guy, a 2" adjustment of my upper body drastically throws him around, so it's keeping me accountable, and maybe starting to resurrect my poor, post baby tummy. 


Mostly though he's a hysterical dude.  he is all derp faces and klutz, where Prair offers more of a unimpressed mare stare and caution.

I don't know what this is, but it's *not* the look of eagles.
Whatever he is, it's good for me and hopefully I'll be a stronger, more balanced rider for Prair when she needs it. 


  1. Haha! I was cantering poles on my 17yo semi-retired high adult jumper the other day, and while he's hard to jump in general, whether it's poles or "real" jumps (gotta keep the leg dial JUST so, don't change the rein contact even a hair, and stay with him when he rushes, which he almost certainly will), I felt like a D1 trying to find the poles. Sooooo I guess more of that for me, too.

  2. Ground pole exercises can make ANY rider feel remedial! In one of my lessons last week, trainer set up a bending line with 2 ground poles that I needed to canter.....I could NOT get the hang of it to save my life! Bless Roger's (greenie) heart, because his mother was a mess haha. Ground poles may seem easy and "remedial," but they most certainly are not! :)

  3. Pole exercises are seriously hard, I work on them all the time. It's a struggle. Also that horse is adorable and I love when they make that face.

  4. it's kinda cool that he's such a different ride from Prairie - hope the rides with him keep getting better! and yea, ground poles are pretty much the bane of my existence lol

  5. Hehe, the look in his eye is like "PICTUREZ?! RIGHT NOW?! SRSLY LADY?!!" lol

  6. He sounds awesome! Glad you're getting saddle time.

  7. Oh boy! Riding a horse that requires more core is so hard but so good.


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