Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We've settled into a good stall rest routine for the mare.  We learned a lot last time around and I think everyone is happier for it.  For one thing, I'm still riding.  There's a.... sensitive gelding who I'm able to lesson on a couple times a week.  So that helps me.  a lot

The mare is still behaving, so she's getting several hours of turnout each day, which has to be good for her.  It's like she knows she has to be on good behavior because she is cool as a cucumber, more so than she normally is.  I've pulled her hind shoes, and her fronts have swapped back to regular shoes (not bar) while she's out of work.  In an ideal world I would have liked to pull her fronts too, but I don't trust the quality of her hoof right now and I don't want to add any soreness to the mix while we're stabilizing. 
More grazing - now with wraps

The only setback has been that the mare's legs got very, very puffy on Monday.  Like, stovepipes to her hocks puffy.

Prair has a pretty regimented wrap schedule right now.  She's naked at night, and while she gets turned out in the morning.  Then, when she comes in she gets ice boots, which has been followed by standing wraps with a poultice. 

I learned yesterday when I was there (and poking at the very puffy legs) that she was also getting poulticed (but not wrapped) overnight to help keep things tight.  I think that perhaps her skin got irritated?  I have no other explanation for equal swelling in both legs (swelling that was present when her wraps were removed).  I was worried that so much fill had reached her hocks.. and was showing no sign of leaving, even after bute, tri-dex (in case it was allergic) and handwalking.  But the mare was quite, eating, and comfy with no signs of distress or concern.  I left her in plain standing wraps with assurances that I would be called if things looked worse.

Today, Prair's right leg is normal (whew) but her left hind is still holding some fill, with a little up in her hock.  I'll be back at the barn tomorrow, and if things still aren't normalizing, I'll have the vet out.  The vet is already planning to be out on Monday for shockwave and PRP, so I'd like to avoid adding another trip, but I don't want to mess around with prolonged swelling, especially if it's creeping up the limb... (ugh).

As for me, the catch rides are good.  Mr. Gelding Man is the opposite of Prair in pretty much all possible ways.  He's compact and quick, light in the bridle and loves jumping but is a reluctant student on the flat.  He's rock solid where Prair isn't, and he's hard where Prair is easy for me.  So basically I'm exhausted after every ride and able to work on some of my own mental hang ups.  I'm a very confident rider on the flat and don't mind a horse that bucks/kicks/takes work to move off my leg or collect.  Mr. Gelding Man does all of those things, (where Prair is a willing partner on the flat) so it's good work for me.  Over fences, Mr. Gelding Man is supremely confident and very comfortable from any distance.  I can miss by a mile and he is just as happy as he would be with a perfect ride.  Prair is decidedly not happy when I miss by a mile (or an inch), so it's a good opportunity for me to stop overriding and get comfortable in a quieter, softer ride. 

Most importantly though, I finally picked up more horse treats, so the cookie dispensing can return to its usual, elevated rate. 

Stall rest and rationed treats are not well suited partners.


  1. Yeah, puffiness is probably something your vet should look at if it doesn't go away, but I'm with you that it was probably a reaction to the poultice, especially if it got better in dry wraps. What one are you using? If she has sensitive skin, plain old Up-Tite seems to be less irritating than other ones.

  2. Poor Prair :-( But at least she seems happy! That's most important

  3. Gosh! Poor mare and poor you. Always something with horses. Sheesh.

  4. Hopefully you can figure out what the puffiness is all about. She looks beautiful as always tho!!

  5. Poor Prair, and poor you! Hopefully the puffiness will go away on its own and you can spend that vet money on wine instead. Because... wine.

  6. aw poor mare can't catch a break! hopefully the swelling is nothing. in the meantime the gelding sounds like a neat ride!

  7. ugh ugh ugh mystery swelling is the worst (says the girl who's horse had mystery swelling from jaw to chest last weekend). I am so happy she's staying quiet though, that is the ticket to a successful recovery! agree with Jenj...less vet bills, better bottles of wine.

  8. Oh man that's a bummer! Hopefully the swelling is down soon! So glad she can be turned out a bit though! That makes a world of difference!


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