Monday, April 29, 2013

Best of Times / Worst of Ribbons

There is nothing quite like getting your proverbial ass handed to you at a totally un-recognized, backyard-ian schooling show.  Especially when such results go hand in hand with what was unquestionably our best outing in.... ever?

I've almost forgotten how long one day (not dressage) schooling shows/events/whatever are.  You're up at the crack of dawn, then spend hours in drizzling rain staring hopefully at small (passing) patches of sunshine while your horse gets grumpier and grumpier as divisions run later and later....

BUT they are fun.  They are still exciting, entertaining and sometimes even productive.  
Not our show.  But this was happening all morning...
Prair and I managed to make yesterday, exciting, entertaining and yes, even productive.

Our one lone blue ribbon doesn't really reflect how freaking BASS ASS the mare was and how much fun I had on her.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there is absolutely zero photographic evidence.  So the rose colored glasses have firmly tinted the glory of our (moderate) successes and fuzzily blurred the agony of defeat.

I'll get a full report up tomorrow, but suffice it to say that out of three classes over fences we had only one simple change (one!), only added in a line once and zero spooks.  ZERO.

On the flat we were steady, obedient and patient enough to deal with the Eq class from hell.

Good Mare.  She deserves lots of grasses.


  1. Bummer about the lack of ribbons, but I'm glad you feel like you had great rides. Awesome!

  2. Man zero spooks is better than any colored ribbon!

  3. Seriously. No spooks and only having to do one simple change? Good show!

  4. Nothing is more frustrating then not placing at a schooling show when you know you should! Glad it was a good experience for your girl if nothing else!

  5. Yay you! That's the one thing I don't like about shows - the real measure is whether you are better than before, not whether you're better than anyone else. Still, one can't help hoping for the ribbons to validate. Sounds like a great time anyway.

  6. Yay! Glad it was a good outing!

  7. Awesome!! Good job! I can't wait to read the full recap. :)


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