Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The P

Lest we forget who the real star of the show is, I better do a brief update on Pia.  I've been meaning to post something on her for a while now so when D sent me a pretty new picture of the girl this morning, it put my butt in gear.

Full disclosure - I've been a bad (bad, bad) horse mom and haven't visited Miss Pia since I dropped her off.  But, I've been getting regular updates from D and so far I couldn't feel better about my decision to get P away from a stall and out with other horses. 

The mare's attitude seems to be melting back into a (usually) nice citizen.  She still has her flareups but I think she's generally in a much happier mindset.  D has also been throwing a leg over when she has time and giving P some rides out in a big field.  Nothing shocking there, mostly the same rides as Cowboy Man had, medium good rides and some small bucks picking up the canter. 

Other than that the pretty girl is all shed out, putting on weight and has rid herself of scratches finally.

She really is a looker.  I can't wait to see how things progress over the summer...

looking majestic in her field


  1. She is such a pretty mare! I hope giving her time off makes a difference. From what I have read about P1, I think we have the male version, except he is an OTTB. Long story short - he has had the past 3 years to just be a horse, and my working student daughter is just now slowing getting him back under saddle, and it is amazing how much happier and relaxed he seems. It is like his brain and body needed a long break.

  2. I commend you for giving Pia the lifestyle that makes her a happy horse. :)

  3. She really is such a pretty mare!

  4. She is looking super - hope all goes well with whatever you decided to do with her from here on out! :D

  5. Good to hear she's doing so well.

  6. So pretty. She looks like a happy camper!

  7. She is gorgeous!! I'm glad she's doing well. :)


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