Friday, April 5, 2013

Kisses in Profile

Supermom's last visit resulted in some fabulous pictures (Note Gus' new portraits on the sidebar) which will be trickled onto the blog to maximize the glory of having new photos to share. 

But I just couldn't wait to share my favorite sequence that she shot:
If you can't tell by the giant (and tall) beak, this is P2, who had her head dangling out of her stall into the aisle.  The bright light at the end of the aisle lent itself to the severe black and white processing which I just love. 

Simple, but somehow still captures the joy of smooching a big, soft, beak.

This series is definitely getting printed and framed in the house somewhere.. just need to find the right spot...


  1. There is nothing quite like planting a smooch on the velvety soft nose of your favourite mares (or geldings).

  2. Those are pictures?! Very cool! I thought they were illustrations.

  3. Lovely! Gus is such a looker ;)
    Not really related, but how's Pia doing??


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