Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rolex, Rolex, Rolex!!!

BAH.  In all my scurrying about I (nearly) forgot that the dressage rides at Rolex started today.  WOO..

And here I thought I'd actually be getting work done.  NOPE.  Time to stream.  In years past I've plugged in some headphones and subtly kept one ear sort of tuned into the office, but today I'm just shamelessly playing the commentary through my speakers.  However, I haven't (yet) expanded the window to full screen (I am at least responding to emails... ha)

Also exciting is that in my neglect of the run up to Rolex, I totally missed that one of our old Pony Clubbers has her horse entered and ready to ride this afternoon.  She's not in the irons, but I'm still excited. Love some West Coast (especially PNW) representation however we can get it.

So, while I'm totally out of the loop of who is supposed to win and who's supposed to be fabulous - I am thoroughly looking forward to watching Mar De Amor enter at A.  Supposedly he and Buck been schooling well but that's literally all I know.  He is a gorgeous (feisty) horse, and I'm excited to see him at the 4* level..

Borrowed pic from I'm sure they won't mind.

Cute, yes no?
Anyway, they ride at 12:12 which means I will be delaying my lunch hour just a bit and will pray to my network gods that I don't spend their entire ride buffering the stream...

Yay Rolex! Now I know what I'll be doing all weekend ;)


  1. He is very cute! I watched a bit of dressage(yes, at work!) today...oh to be there...Hoping to next year :)

  2. Super excited to watch!! I am pulling for Becky Holder and Cant Fire Me :)

  3. Cute cute! I think we're all sneaking in dressage-watching at work today. ;)

  4. It was awesome! Passed the CWD booth and thought of your new saddle! :)

  5. Mar de Amor is gorgeous! I saw that picture on EN the other day and my jaw actually hit the floor... I haven't really decided who I want to win, but I definitely won't be disappointed if that pair places well :)

  6. Where can you stream it for free? I always have trouble finding a website that works....


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