Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Back" At It

In all my ranting and raving about Gus and my love-hate relationship with his current abscess, I totally forgot to update on Prairie.

Tuesday I hopped on the mare (after her four days off) and she felt pretty good.  It didn't feel like I got a brand new horse, but things felt really relaxed and swinging and easy.  Most notably she was much softer through her poll and neck, which I'm guessing is because she wasn't bracing against a super painful back....

Both S and I hacked her around for a couple minutes testing all the gears and kicking all the tires. When I was on S threw up a little crossrail (maybe 2'6"?) and I popped over it.  Prairie definitely felt bouncier, but it was hard to say if that was because she was feeling great, or because the construction men were playing on a genie lift and throwing roofing material around.  Also it was chilly.

I'd like to think she's feeling significantly better, her shoulders and wither definitely felt more mobilized over the jump, but I'm trying not to get too excited or hopeful just yet.  She has a trainer ride today and I have a lesson bright and early tomorrow which expand our data set significantly.

Still keeping fingers crossed for a bit..


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