Monday, September 9, 2013

Octoberfest, Success!

I am suffering deeply from a horse show hangover this am so I don't have all my video/pics ready to go, but I did manage to extract a couple iphone pics that will suffice for now.

The show was great.  It was a lot to cram into two days (three full divisions, a Classic and some warm ups..) but Prair actually handled it pretty well, S handled it great, and I managed to hang in there.

We were the only horse from our barn who went, and S (somehow) still managed to ride/teach seven horses in addition to putting in long show days which meant that The Boy was critical in keeping everyone clean, fed, and mostly functional.  :)  It was actually kind of fun to run everyone out of one stall.  My massive trunk was perfect for the task and I totally enjoyed keeping everything all organized and neat and (mostly) tidy.  Felt a bit like an old PC Rally...

However, the biggest good news is that Prair was a stud and managed to secure not one, but two coolers (2!!).  Related to that thrill was the lovely discovery that the coolers were green and white instead of black and orange.  I would have had a small fit if when we finally managed a cooler it made her look like a Halloween decoration.
The dreaded black and orange ribbons were still in full force, but for some reason certain divisions were also being run as the USHJA Zone 9 Stirrup Cup Finals - which meant they were also handing out Big, Pretty, Normal Ribbons.  I was nearly as excited about the tassels on the tri-colors as I was about the coolers. 

(Why I get so excited about this stuff I will never know. but I think it might have something to do with growing up totally ribbon-starved Eventing.  There are not enough ribbons given to eventers. Period)

Prair and her loot. 
More important than the ribbons or the coolers though was how well Prair handled some really heavy class loads.  Both days she was at her wits end (finishing with the Classic on Sat, and then my Eq on Sun) but both days she was significantly better than she has been for the first two days of competition at any other show.

The 3'3" Pre-Green division was canceled, so Prair ended up going in the 3' and was Champion with 36 points, (along with double ribbons for the Zone Finals).

My 2'9" Divisions ended up decently large (8 people I think?) which was a nice surprise and gave us some good competition!  Prair was a stud and ended up with a perfect 40 to win the Modified 2'9" Hunter Division. That gave us the Zone win and a pretty ribbon to boot!

We finished as Reserve Champ for our 2'9" Eq which was gracious to say the least.  We placed 2nd and 3rd over fences, and 3rd on the flat because when they called for "lengthen the stride at the trot" I (and almost everyone else) assumed that meant we could post.  Apparently we could not.  Also I looked like a hunched over crow, but that's a separate issue.  Also I nearly threw my reins over Prairie's head at one point but I don't think the judge saw that...

Finally, S coaxed an admirable performance out of the mare for the Classic on Saturday afternoon.  They scored an 80 in their first round which put them in second, but slipped to third with a 77 in the second round.  Out of a very competitive field of 13 I was super proud.  It was obvious that Prairie was pretty fried and I don't actually know how S got as relaxed a performance as she did out of her.. Also, there was a victory gallop.  I love those.  Prair does not.

To sum up - Great show.  Lots of wins, lots of fun and lots of COOLERS!!!
I think she was proud too
As always, lots to still work on (specifically for me), but that will come with some of the videos... When I finally get them up.


  1. WOOOHOOO! Congratulations on a very successful show! Can't wait to see the videos!!

  2. Wow! You guys did great! COOLERS!!! Plural! That's fab!

  3. In your defense, I have been yelled at by Julie Winkle on several occasions that "LENGTHEN TROT IS ALWAYS POSTING". So there's that.

    YAY OMG HURRAY for giant ribbons and TWO COOLERS. Awesome. Maybe C-rage can be a hunter and win shit like Prairie. That would be rad.

  4. You won all that? Awesome! Congratulations!

  5. That's so exciting!! You've won the coveted coolers, someday I hope Jetta will attain that level of awesomeness. Congrats!

  6. Holy Haul! Great job! How exciting!

  7. Daaaamn girl :) I don't exactly remember anymore what points mean but they sound impressive haha! Yay loot!!

  8. Wow, what a load of loot! So exciting for you that you BOTH did so well! Congrads!

    And I agree, they don't give eventers NEARLY enough ribbons.

  9. I saw the photo of the cooler in my blog feed before I even clicked on the entry and I was like, SHE GOT A COOLER!!! :D

  10. COOLERS!!!

    Congrats on a great show! Love the last picture and how proud she is of herself!

  11. So freaking jealous, all my years of showing and still the cooler eludes me!!

  12. Coolers! Congrats! She looks so proud in that last photo

  13. COOLERS! Yay! Great job, and beautiful loot as always.

  14. Just catching up now.... CONGRATS!!! Yay coolers!!

  15. Playing catch up (again) CONGRATS on the coolers & ribbons, what a haul!
    Love the final pic of P and the ribbons!

  16. Wow you two are amazing!! Congrats! I LOVE that last picture!


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