Friday, September 6, 2013

I Win

I win the shiniest boot award!

I may be getting slightly OCD about this- but I'm pretty sure it's rewarding (and necessary).

If we succeed at noting else tomorrow - we will be well turned out.


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  1. Replies
    1. Clean boots with water/rags only. Apply (lots) of Kiwi boot polish. Blow dry boots on HOT HOT HOT for about 2 minutes making sure all parts of the boot get nice and toasty.. then buff with a soft clean rag, and finish buffing with a pair of old nylons. :)

      I usually repeat the process twice for a better shine

  2. You should do a full blown tutorial on this!! Can't wait to try it on my boots!!! woohoo! Mine look SO crappy so MAYBE I'll do a review on "How Gingham Taught Me to Clean My Boots" with before and after pics :) lol I'm serious!

  3. I just scrolled back to this post because I'm about to shine my boots up "Gingham-style" LOL...look forward to a blog post concern this :) :) :)


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